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Ides of March - March 15, 2014

Hello auto racing fans! 

So much has happened since my last update. 

Yes, I am very well. Thank you for thinking. 

Nascar, F1, and auto racing in general just started Season 2014. So much going on. And for JV fans, we get to see the greatest Indy Champ ever race again this year in the 500. 

Forgive me if I'm wrong but Jacques, you do know it's the same race you commented on for the past couple of years. A really big field, a race for viewers, overall dangerous. 

The Indy 500 has become a bit of what Snow-Mobile racing has become... A Villeneuve in the field, and everyone else that really shouldn't be there. 

Hope that makes sense... 

Special mention for Schumi, F1's Ceasar. Keeping good thoughts for him and his. 

And special thanks to Kimi, for getting this girl back in Ferrari red. May consistency win you another Championship(wishful thinking). 

Kudos to Dale for winning the Daytona 500 2014. #whodathunk 

Good luck to all the Wittmers. Hudson-St-Laz is behind you! 

Lastly, if anyone cares, the Allman Brothers rocked NYC! Do something you'll be proud of today and buy their music. Will keep you rocking! Special call out to Lori and a very happy B-Day to E!


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Aug 03, 2016


Just testing. That's my story.

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Dec 13, 2015

Not JV but Go Patrick Carpentier Go!

Patrick Carpentier at Nascar's Sprint Cup Race this weekend

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May 22, 2014

Jacques Villeneuve fans = JVistes

Indy500 Jacques Villeneuve - More History in the making?

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May 08, 2013

Original JV Signature on Formula One Entrance Card 1998 - sale at highest bidding

Hi JV-Fans, i was invitet by the german car magazine auto motor sport to visit the F1 world champinship race Großer Warsteiner Preis von Luxemburg at

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Apr 04, 2013

Lous Watercooler

Lous Watercooler is back by popular demand. Love it or leave it alone.

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Nov 27, 2012

Contribute to Jacques Villeneuve

Would you like to share your knowledge about jacques villeneuve? Great, find out how you can submit your story or tip here.

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Aug 20, 2012

Montreal Nationwide Napa 200 2012, nascar montreal, jacques villeneuve forum

montreal nationwide, nascar, napa 200

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Oct 19, 2011

Nascar Nationwide Napa 200

Nascar Nationwide Napa 200

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Jun 26, 2011

Jacques Villeneuve - Road America 2011

Jacques Villeneuve - Road America 2011, Audio of pre-race Nascar Media Press Conference, earlier today, June 24, 2011

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Jun 06, 2011

Je vous invites les amis JVistes de participer a notre forum

JVistes.net vous offre un forum pour parler d'une longue carriere en course Nascar et super series...

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Feb 18, 2011

Daytona 500, Season 2011

The Daytona 500, Sprint Cup Season 2011... It's that special time of year again when Nascar rocks!

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Jan 14, 2011

Yahoo Fantasy Nascar 2011

JVCanada Fantasy Nascar Group - Venez jouer! Come play!

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Nov 03, 2010

Canada Hall of Fame for Jacques Villeneuve

Jacques Villeneuve will be inducted to Canada's Hall of Fame

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Sep 07, 2010

Reverend Frog's Frogblog

f1 news satire

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