I Am Canadian

Happy Canada Day! Bonne Fête Canada!

May 2008

I awoke this morning thinking it would be a great day to start a "I Am Canadian" page, dedicated to great truly Canadian athletes.

So proud to be Canadian...

1. Gilles Villeneuve

2. Jacques Villeneuve of course. :-)

3. Team Canada - All sports. This year will be our best Olympics yet. The 8th of the 8th of 2008, 8PM EST, may the games begin!

I am a BIG fan of both Winter and Summer Olympics. I stand up when they play 'Oh Canada!' and I cry at the agony of defeat. Best of luck Team Canada and to all the athletes who'll be participating this year in China.

Each and every one has a great story. Hard-work, determination, discipline, sacfrifice, and a dream... They represent us in spirit and soul.

Canada will rock the records in China!

4. Christian Villeneuve, a young 13 year old now in Asia participating in the Asian Karting Open Championship. It is inspiring to see someone so young ready to do whatever it takes to build his field of dreams... We'll keep you posted on his success.

6. Maxime Pelletier and Mikaël Grenier young drivers doing very well in stock car racing. Grenier has so much potential and already has great people backing him up. Bravo les gars pour votre performance à Montréal sur le circuit gilles-villeneuve.

7. Mountain-climber Sylvie Fréchette who became the first Quebec women to reach the summit of Mount Everest. Elle a osée et elle a reussit.

8. Les Glorieux, past and present. Go Habs Go!

9. Les frères et la famille Wittmer pour leur dèvotion à la course automobile home-grown. Des jeune de chez nous ici à St. Laz:-)

Bravo Nick et Kuno. Bonne chance cette année encore dans la série Grand Am. They are 1 and 3 right now in the driver standings.

Kuno... je fais tout pour interesser la belle Christine...

the above does not necessarily reflect an order of importance. Everyone who tries is #1 in my books.

Un moment de souvenir pour la grande Diane Hébert... la première Québécois grèffée couer/poumon. La coupe Diane, les glorieux la gagneront pour toi. :-)

-- Bravo à Ranger et Tagliani en fds à Barrie. Ils ont terminés 6 et 7.

Ranger semblait très relaxe à Barrie. :-)


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