Go JV Go! - Indy 500 2014

May 14, 2014, Go JV Go!

Great weather, Jacques Villeneuve participating in this year's Indy 500, Kuno Wittmer expecting his first child(and of course it's a boy!), and California Chrome taking the first 2 jewels of the Triple Crown... Life is sweet!

Shit! Even jvworld published some news! ;-)

With the Indy just a few days away, the jv-news has been exciting for his diehard fans. I'm sure he won't be missed in the F1 pits and I'm guessing some of his old pals will actually tape the Indy.  Just saying.  May he have a great race and may it be a safer race than in years past.

Kiss the Bricks!

In Nascar, the All-Star race weekend is over and it's back to real racing. Looking forward to a great race in Charlotte. Go Carl!

The Canadian Grand Prix is fast approaching and Montreal will once again be at its best. There are still many great tickets available. If you live in the Montreal area, be sure to check out the Grand Prix and ICAR duo offer. It is a perfect gift for Father's Day or for any man in your life who loves racing.

Details at, http://www.circuitgillesvilleneuve.ca/icar-offer-order

Lewis is on top of the F1 standings with his teammate Nico a very close second. Alonso and Vettel are 3rd and 4th respecitively. The Season is still young and so far, it's been great to watch. Despite all the negative comments about a technical revolution gone wrong, the races have been exciting and we aren't hearing the German National Anthem at every podium. I am a Vettel fan and know he'll have a few other Championships under his belt in years to come. Nice to see the young guns in F1 and looking forward to a great Season finish by Kimi! Go Mr. Consistency! lol

Enjoy Monaco!

And Go JV Go! in the Indy 500!

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