Jacques Villeneuve Bio

Nickname: JV

Jacques was born in St Jean sur Richellieu Quebec, on April 9, 1971. His family left Canada when he was still a young boy, and spending the rest of his childhood in Europe.

His father Gilles, as we all know, was Enzo Ferrari's new found joy in late 70s. The French Canadian was brought into the Ferrari foald. If you wear Ferrari Red, it's all about Famiglia and when the Great One tragically hit the wall on that fateful May day of 1982, Enzo made sure that Jacques and the girls, would be taken care of as he would any of his grandchildren.

Not just monetarily.

Ferrari and many of Gilles' close friends(also legendary drivers) took great care in the upbringing of the young Villeneuves.

Is racing in Jacques' genes? Most assuredly so but the environment played just as an important role in who he was to be.

And, as with any legendary family, Jacques now gives to others in the same spirit through numerous charity events with his beautiful Parisien bride on his arm.

JV was married in 2006 to the beautiful Johanna Martinez.

On November 14, the same year, Jules, their son was born. The happy family currently reside in Villars-sur-Ollon, a small town in the Alps.

BUT!... not for long. The JVs have just recently purchased a majestic home in Montreal. Bienvenue chez vous Jacques, Johanna and Jules.

If you are a fan of JV, you're a JVistes and you know that Jacques is truly a rennaissance man. His passion is of course racing but it's not all he is.

On his 'off-time' he's:

- An accomplished singer/songwriter and has already launched his debut singles, "Mother Earth" and "AccepteraisTu". We're anxiously awaiting the upcoming album release. Bravo Jacques!

- An avid 'sportif', who enjoys the slopes, off-road racing, etc... Actually, all sports that require a helmut or safety gear.

- An intellectual who loves the arts, in all its forms. Perhaps a great 'Villeneuve' Epic novel in the works?

- A computer geek and gamer. Hey Jacques, you up for a online race? Maybe some RFactor?

- Spending time with his new family and enjoying every minute of it. They rightfully come first now and I'm guessing his career moves will very much be a family-oriented. We'll miss full seasons of watching him race in F1 but that's okay, because he'll be winning the ultimate race very soon...

- The 24 hour Mans.

- And now August 2007, Jacques starts his career in Nascar racing. Tested earlier this week the Toyota Tundra for Bill Davis Racing. Did very well and more importantly had a grand ole time. Nascar is contagious! :-)

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