The Peugeot 908...

Peugeot 908 HDi:

The monoshell is out of carbon and is a true closed structure, contrary to the 905, which was a small boat with a reported tubular arch.

This type of structure brings a strong natural rigidity, which makes it possible to optimize the mass of the monoshell.

Body and aerodynamics:

Created of all parts at the beginning of the year 2006, in only a few weeks, Peugeot Sport had the huge task of creating an effective and original aerodynamic body.

Three months after the arrival of the Aerodynamics Project Manager, a model of the car underwent the first tests! The shape of the car results, a compromise between smoothness and ride, but also of the need to supply the various exchangers.

Suspensions, Direction, Brakes:

Team Peugeot Sport adopted tried and true solutions to define a front & back suspensions, the electrically power-assisted steering and brakes.

The gear box:

It is in a longitude position which will make it possible to adopt up to the allowed limit of 6. It was dimensioned to support the engine with optimal control. The gear box is electropneumatic.

The engine:

She's a 12 cylinder V, 100°-open, with a cubic capacity of 5,5 liters. The maximum cubic capacity was selected to support facilitate air intake. It also makes it possible to limit the fuel rating, and it provides great potential for further development.

The number of cylinders on the one hand, will preserve a basic engine as well as progress with Peugeot's development of diesel combustion technology within a V12 blueprint.

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