Original JV Signature on Formula One Entrance Card 1998 - sale at highest bidding

by Gerald
(Aichen, Germany)

Hi JV-Fans,

i was invitet by the german car magazine "auto motor sport" to visit the F1 world champinship race "Großer Warsteiner Preis von Luxemburg" at Nürburg Ring on 25th to 27th September 1998. Auto motor sport had a lounge directly above the pits where we had a beautyful view over the pit lane and the boxes. On Saturday, after the Qualifying, the magazine organized a visit of Jaques Villeneuve in the lounge (about 20 to 30 guests were there) , where we had the posibillity to have close contact and talk about racing with Jaques.

Now, 15 years later, I found the original Entrance Card to the "FORMULA ONE PADDOCK CLUB" with beautyful lanyard, AND with the ORIGINAL SIGNATURE OF JAQUES VILLENEUVE on the backside, signed by hand during his lounge visit and the little talk we had together.

So I thought about what to do with it and at Google I found this fanpage. If someone of you is interested in this originally signed entrance card, please let me know. I will sell it to the bidder with the highest bidding.

I will upload 2 photos of the card here and can send more by E-Mail.
If you have questions, please contact me by E-Mail: office@polesetter.de.

Best regards,

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