Jimmie Johnson wins Nascar's Nextel Cup 2007

Jimmie Johnson wins Nascar's Nextel Cup 2007 in the last race of the season. Kudos to him and the whole Hendrick racing team.

It wasn't the most exciting race this year that's for sure. Jimmie trying to stay out of trouble and Jeff trying to 'go for it' best he could with what he had. He should have changed all 4s his first 2 times into pitlane but you can't go back. He finishes 2nd in this Chase 07, a big part of the Hendrick Team and family.

JPM, gets rookie of the year. Felicitaciones Juan Paulo. :-)

GEM/Patrick, better get some practice hours in at Jim Russell's place... JV will not look back to see where you are in 2008!

Time to Sprint Baby!


The Chase will be decided at the Homestead in Miami

It really is between Jimmie and Jeff now. All other chasers are eliminated from Championship.

Nothing at all surprising now. I'm hoping it's Jeff's this year. Jimmie got his first last year and probably has a few more to win. Gordon has been around for 15 fantastic years and before JV wins 08, 09, etc... lol, I'd like to see Jeff get this one.

Hopefully, it will be an exciting finish for both.

And, Jacques Villeneuve is not listed in Entry List. Please say it's just a human error! :-(

Homestead-Miami Nextel Cup Entry List

It ain't over until Carl Edwards sings?

Anyone who believes the Chase is in Jimmie's pocket... better think again.

It still is far from over. What a great race Phoenix will be. Carl Edwards worked hard to get his first Nextel pole position. It's hard not to want this guy to win.

The Chasers are so focused on this race they haven't had time to criticise the rookie open-wheelers who'll be participating in a Cup race in a Chase that is so close.

Great article about the newbies at Nascar.com...

Open-Wheelers in Phoenix Race, Nascar.com

The Chase Still Ain't Over Baby!...

It was just a weird race in Texas and it ain't over baby!...

I would need to watch the race again to understand what happened. Weird stuff on the track. Despite Jeff not getting the points he needed to remain number 1 in the Chase, I enjoyed the race. I'll even say Jimmie and Kenseth certainly made the last laps exciting but I was still expecting to see Jeff move up a few positions.

Let's not forget this hard working driver, super kudos to Carl Edwards winning the Busch 07 Championship.

He didn't do well yesterday but hey, he's still in the running for the Chase. It's down to the top 7 or 8 Chasers now. No chance for the others to catch up. Of course for the top guys, it will mean winning remaining 2 races and Jeff dnf'ing. NOT! lol

Catch the standings at Nascar.com via link below. Please come back soon. It's Phoenix Baby! What a Cup race that will be.

Chase still on... Standings 2007 after Texas race

It ain't over until... Carl Edwards wins today in Atlanta Nextel Cup race

I've been picking Jeff Gordon to win the Chase this year but I have a soft-spot for Carl Edwards today. :-)

I am hoping he has a great Nextel Cup race in Atlanta.

Carl almost had the Busch Championship won yesterday. Just was not going to happen... record race running over 100 laps on yellow caution. Thankfully, this will not be typical for the remaining races.

Great job Carl Edwards despite what others were doing on the track.

So, for today, Edwards finishes 1st(just because :-)), and Jeff G second. :-)

Official Chase 07 standings:

Nextel Cup Chase 2007 standings - Oct. 28 pre-Atlanta

It's down to the wire now in Nascar Chase 07

The season is almost over now and it's down to the wire in Nascar Chase 07.

Jacques has one Nextel Cup race under his belt and we're hoping to have news by tomorrow about any possibility of a last one before season's end.

For now, it's all Craftsman Truck for 2007. Fingers-crossed though. :-)

That takes nothing away from a great Nascar season, all categories but especially the Chase for 2007 Nextel Cup Championship. My money is on Jeff Gordon who is one of the greatest Nascar Champs. His records will be hard to beat by the newbies. lol

Great great season for Juan Paul Montoya. Rookie of the year for sure he deserves it!

The current Nascar Nextel Chase standings via link below:

Nascar Nextel Cup Chase 2007

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