Kudos to JV and Team Peugeot taking 2nd and 3rd at The Mans 2008

JV fans around the world woke up(or fell asleep) for The Mans 2008.

Great great job by TK's Audi Team. His new record of 8 victories at The Mans, will be very hard to beat. Luckily you can forever drive in the Mans if you're in shape. :-)

Seriously, it was a good race had by all.

Let's not forget our fellow Canadian, Ron Fellows in the Corvette. It was a tough one for them too.

All categories were fun to watch.

My favorite tidbit this past weekend was finding my other half asleep in front of his computer a few times. He slept through most of the race and would suddenly awake and type something or at least attempt to. lol

His enduro was repeated napping while the racers were lapping. Gotta love him, he just didn't want to be left out of the fun. :-)

I've always had alot of respect for any racer attempting the mythical race and this year was no different but I am hoping for big surprises next year. And, if I dare say... Go JV Go to Audi. :-)

Now, let's concentrate on the Nationwide race right here at home and a very long career in Nascar.

I know you will eventually win The Mans but I prefer you doing well in Nascar first.

Jacques is back in a Peugeot this weekend at Spa, May 2008

Good Luck Jacques Villeneuve and Team Peugeot at The Mans 2008

It's Friday, June 13th and it will be a great day. 24 hours and the Mans 2008 race begins.

Best of luck Jacques with Team Peugeot. Please do 'it' this year... Get that win and come back home soon. We need you here concentrating on a long future in Nascar.

In my opinion, you'll get the Mans title too. Not sure it will be this year or with Team Peugeot but it will happen.

JV will be the first to have won them all. :-)

Team Peugeot together again, getting ready for the great Mans race in a couple of weeks.

Or, at least trying to get some miles in but things didn't go well for Marc Gene. He had a terrible crash and luckily he's okay. He's broken a toe but will be in top shape later in the week for practice.

Hopefully, this is not an omen that this year will not be the year Jacques Villeneuve wins the Mans 2008 title. Actually, I'm less excited about it this year than I was last year.

More than anything, I do hope Jacques captures this jewel to the Crown but it would have been so sweet to win during a great Nascar season. Not to put any bad luck on upcoming Le Mans but I don't think it will be this year.

Next year, will be JV's best year yet, and that only one of many more to come.

We miss you in North America Jacques. Come home soon... drop a line and let's get together at Newtown's :-)

Marc Gene has bad crash but is okay...

Jacques Villeneuve stood on the winner's podium with his Team Peugeot. Bravo! And what a way to get ready for The Mans...


Jacques Villeneuve getting ready by participating at Spa this weekend, May 9, 10 & 11 for the 1000km race. Wurz will be there as well.

Best of luck but I'm so anxious for your return to North America and Nascar though.

But, I do understand you've always wanted to win the Mans. Get it over with and forget about the revival of GP Masters. Time to come back home with the family. The weather is glorious and Johanna would love Westmount spring blooms. :-)

Feb. 15, 2008

Peugeot announces a third car participating in the Mans 2008...

And! Jacques Villeneuve would be driving. :-)

We will keep you posted as this story develops. Let's remember, he's intent on this title along with Nascar Sprint champ. He would be the first to acheive all 4 titles...

More news all about Spa and The Mans via links below,

JV & Wurz at Spa 1000km getting ready for The Mans

Jacques Villeneuve at The Mans 2008...

The Mans 2007

Unlike any other race Jacques has ever ran, le mans will probably be his best personal performance.

Mostly, auto racing is about 1 pilot, his 'bolide', and a Team. Races last a few hours or less.

The Mans, is about 3 pilots who share 1 car. A second car, 3 more drivers. And... the Team. This Race starts mid-day on a Saturday and ends the next day at the same time. It is, the greatest racing event, of all times.

Let's meet Team Peugot:

Jacques will be driving Peugeot's diesel-powered 908 car with his team mates and Pedro Lamy and Marc Gene. Both also ex-F1 racers. Lamy brings alot of experience and Gene is currently a test driver for Ferrari. What better than 3 different generations of experience.

Peugeot will also enter a second team consisting of the great ChampCar champion Sebastian Bourdais. Alongside will be Stephane Sarrazin and Nicolas Minassian. The young guns. :-)

The Directors, the Managers and everyone on Peugeot's incredible Team LeMans. These guys run endurance 24/7, 12 months a year.

Lastly, let's not forget the ladies... I introduce you to the '908s'.

24 Hour le mans Champions' of the past
The Peugeot 908, le mans 2007

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