Jacques Villeneuve busy with family in Westmount...

February 27, 2008

Much ado about nothing.

JP Mongrain's interview with Jacques was all non-news. Just done for exposure so we don't forget our JV. :-)

Like we ever would! We're JVistes for life.

Jacques gets another week with the family in Westmount. And, he is still working very hard with Barry G. to get back out in the #27 asap.

For Vegas, he isn't packing his bags... Mike Skinner is. :-(

go mike go(do it for the #27 please)


February 26, 2008

I can confirm that JV is home in Westmount. He says he's super busy with the boys. :-)

And, tonight he is appearing on JL Mongrain's Pourquoi show on TQS network. Personally, I am NOT a fan of Jean Luc at all. He loves to hear himself talk... REALLY. Sheesh, his researchers didn't even get Jacques' new son's name correct(had to e-mail JL to let them know their promo is wrong lol).

Argh, I'll only be tuning in to see if JV is ready to announce any real Nascar news. He hates to talk business usually unless there's something to say but I believe his new marketing/PR team are booking what they can for exposure.

Best of luck tonight Jacques.

It's great to know you're enjoying family life but am sad that you don't have time to race with the boyz online these days.

Now, after the interview on TQS, please pack your bags and get down to Vegas Baby! lol


The Villeneuves have settled in to their beautiful Westmount home.

And, my good friend Mother T, tells me all sidewalks and especially Grovesnor has been perfectly cleared of all snow. The road up to the hospital for the second JV child is safe and clear. No need to do a practice run Jacques. lol

You gotta love Westmount...

Watching the news after our first big snow fall of the season, I was thinking, "OMG, they don't have the budget for sidewalk snow-removal??".

Of course, dans le Westmount, this was never an issue. Their taxes do provide services. lol

Again, bienvenue chez vous Jacques, Johanna et Jules. Bonne chance dans les jours et semaines a suivre. Profitez-en et accumuler du bon sommeil. :-)

Joyeux Noel! Merry Christmas! Felice Navida! Buono Natale! Ritz dauche ras diaztza! lol

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