Private Paradise -- Jacques Villeneuve's debut Album launch

Et bien, c'est fait!

Jacques debut album Private Paradise was launched yesterday February 19, in downtown Montreal. His sister Mel joined him in launching his dream.

Together they performed "Father" a beautiful song that they wrote together many years ago, about their beloved father Gilles.

As you probably already know if you're a JViste, Jacques is offering 2 free concerts in Montreal and then in Quebec City(details below). For those who have had the chance to pick up a pair of tickets you will certainly enjoy the rock/accoustic show.

This album counts 13 songs... a dream come true for Villeneuve. He is passionate about music and worked hard this past year on his baby "Private Paradise". No surprise, Jacques turns many of his passions into a career.

Bravo Bravo Jacques Villeneuve! And bravo to Melanie, a great writer with a beautiful voice. Thank you for "Father".

And, as always, Mr. Pollock took advantage of the launch last night and did a great job talking to some media folk about JV's future Nascar plans.

Hmmm, maybe a classic rock album in time for Nascar debut? lol

Jacques will be performing the songs from his new album 'Private Paradise' at free live shows in Montreal and Quebec City.

Where & When: Tuesday 20th February : Newtown, Crescent 1476, Montreal at 19h30

Thursday 22nd February : Le Capitole, 972 Saint-Jean Street, Quebec City at 19h30

Entrance is by numbered ticket only which are available from 'Newtown' in Montreal (maximum two per person) and 'Le Capitole' in Quebec City.

See you there!

You can download or listen to 4 songs that are on Jacques' debut Album. "Private Paradise" will officially be launched February 19, 2007.

Best of luck Jacques with your musical endeavors! Hoping to a quick post-Montreal e-mail interview Jacques if you're interested.

Jacques' official My Space -- Please be sure to visit...

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