July 30, 2007 - A Year Ago Today, Jacques Villeneuve left Formula One Racing

It seems like yesterday since Jacques Villeneuve quit F1 Racing. For his diehard fans, JVistes, it's been a very long year with the exception of his great performance in The Mans 24, 2007.

If it were not for mechanical problems, he was bringing home the 908 and at least finishing second. Not to worry, there's always 2008. :-)

In the meantime, rumors about Jacques' future in racing have become almost silent. With the exception of the Gillett/Everham deal or course.

Now, that would be something...

JV riding the CH!

I was thinking Jacques fitting into a Red Bull/Nascar Team very nicely but Mr. Villeneuve co-owner of a Team that wore the CH colours, would be a fantasy come true.

I'm expecting more news within the next 10 days or so. Come back often.

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