If you are a fan of Jacques Villeneuve, you're a JVistes.

Stay tuned JVistes...

Acceuil Francais

This Web site is dedicated to 'everything' Jacques Villeneuve has ever raced in and much more. JVisme was born of GVisme. :-)

I'm a Darwinist so truly believe JVisme is still evolving, for many years to come. It's already taken F1 fans on a trip over the pond or a stint to our neighbors down south... to the love of Nascar and all its Series.

All the very best to Kuno and Nick this year.

If you're a fan or just interested in automobile racing, start your engines and enjoy the ride!

It was 33 years ago, 1977, that Gilles(father to Jacques) began his own F1 racing career. At the time, little Jacques could not have imagined the great things that were to come.

Now, all these years later, Jacques has placed himself among the best, alongside Gilles and so...

JVism(e) lives and we the JVistes are simply fans of all the best that has yet to come. We celebrate this second generation of the Villeneuves and by the looks of it, the next generation are certainly future prototypes of racing legends yet to be.

Enjoy your read. :-)

Gentlemen, start your engines! Go Jacques Villeneuve Go!

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Fia Formula E Series
Fia Formula E Series - October 2015
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Montreal Nationwide Napa 200 2012, nascar montreal, jacques villeneuve forum
montreal nationwide, nascar, napa 200
Jacques Villeneuve - Road America 2011
Jacques Villeneuve - Road America 2011, Audio of pre-race Nascar Media Press Conference, earlier today, June 24, 2011
Daytona 500, Season 2011
The Daytona 500, Sprint Cup Season 2011... It's that special time of year again when Nascar rocks!
Yahoo Fantasy Nascar 2011
JVCanada Fantasy Nascar Group - Venez jouer! Come play!
Canada Hall of Fame for Jacques Villeneuve
Jacques Villeneuve will be inducted to Canada's Hall of Fame
Jacques Villeneuve Blogs
jacques villeneuve, jacques villeneuve nascar news, jv fans
Je vous invites les amis JVistes de participer a notre forum
JVistes.net vous offre un forum pour parler d'une longue carriere en course Nascar et super series...
Lous Watercooler
Lous Watercooler is back by popular demand. Love it or leave it alone.
F1 Timing Application
F1 Timing Application - Follow Formula 1 racing live on your iPhone or iPod. The 2010 F1 Season is here.
Official Nascar Online Racing
Official Nascar Online Racing with iRacing.com.
JVistes.net Site Search
site search
Nascar Napa 200 Nationwide Montreal 2010
Nascar Nationwide - Napa 200 Montreal 2010
JvWorldRacing saison 2009 2010
Ligue de course F1
Jacques Villeneuve at the Watkins Glen
Jacques Villeneuve at the Watkins Glen
Topix News -- Jacques Villeneuve
Topix's Jacques Villeneuve Blog
Jacques Villeneuve Brickyard 400
Jacques Villeneuve will be driving the Braun #32 at the Brickyard in Nascar's Sprint Cup Indy 400
JVistes/jvworldracing 2009-2010 Season
JVistes it's time for jvworldracing Season 2009-2010. It's a great time for Jacques Villeneuve fans. Come one come all.
Canadian Tire Series - Nascar Regional Racing
Nascar Regional Racing - Canadian Tire Series - Pre-race News and Notes GP3R
Epreuve NASCAR Montreal 2009 - Nationwide Montreal 2009
Epreuve NASCAR Montreal 2009. Nascar Nationwide Montreal 2009, Stock Car Montreal is doing a great job getting ready for the race at the end of Aug. 09
Share your JV Moment, or stories about Jacques Villeneuve
Share your JV Moment, or stories about Jacques Villeneuve. Fans can share their favorite JV moments with other JVistes. A great story? The time you met him? The time he raced at...
Jacques Villeneuve Rumor-Mill
JV rumor-mill... are the rumors fact or fiction?
Nascar Chase 2009
Nascar, The Chase 2009 - The Big Picture. This Season's Sprint Cup Race for the Chase is on!
Nascar Daytona 2009
Nascar Daytona 2009 - Budweiser Shootout, Gatorade Duels and the Daytona 500 News
Nascar Nationwide Series
Nascar Nationwide Series news and notes 2008
Nascar 2009
Nascar 2009 - While we countdown to Daytona 500...
Montreal Nation Wide
Course Nation wide Nascar
Nascar's Kyle Busch
Nascar's Kyle Busch, the bad boy of racing that Canadians love
Nascar Rolex Grand Am - Napa 200 Montreal 2009 event
Nascar Rolex Grand Am - Napa 200 Montreal event, Edwards and Ambrose team up for double-duty in Montreal
Jacques Villeneuve - Course Nascar Montreal Nationwide
Photo et video de la course et de Jacques Villeneueve. Nascar Montreal Nationwide
Nascar Weekly Interviews
Nascar's Weekly Interviews - Tuesday transcripts
Nascar Nationwide Montreal, notre premiere experience Nascar
Nascar Nationwide Montreal, notre première. L'experience d'arrière scene.
Montreal Nation wide
Photo Mtl Nation wide
Other Racing News
Other Racing News, off the cuff and who is in the news
Nascar Sprint Cup 2008 News
We're a Canadian Web site and fans of the great Villeneuve Racers. And, great fans of Nascar
Jacques Villeneuve participates in Top Race
Jacques Villeneuve participates in Top Race. News and updates
Jacques Villeneuve, Sprint 2008 Rookie Season
Jacques Villeneuve, Nascar's Sprint 2008 Season begins
Jacques Villeneuve hoping to participate in Montreal Race this summer
JV is anxious to confirm he will race in Montreal in Nascar's Nationwide Series
Oncle Jacques Villeneuve
Oncle Jacques Villeneuve, parlons-en aussi. Un oncle qui a bien tenu le flambeau de son frere Gilles.
Being truly canadian
I am Canadian, J Villeneuve site's page all about Canadian Athletes and Sports
JVistes Race Review
JVistes' Race Review... The Canadian Grand Prix is back in 2010 and so is the JVistes' Race Review e-zine. Subscribe and we'll keep you posted on all racing news
Welcome Home JV,
If you would like to welcome JV back home here in Quebec, or from anywhere in the world...
Jacques' Newtown, Montreal Club & Restaurant
Jacques' Newtown, Montreal Club, Lounge & Restaurant. Crescent Street Montreal, the 'It' place to be...
24 Hour Mans -- The Winners
24 Hour Mans, they were all great champions but the best is yet to come
"Le Mans", the mythic race...
Jacques in a Peugeot at the 24hr le Mans
JV's F1 Career
All JV f1
La Musique a Jacques Villeneuve -- Private Paradise
Le Nouvel Album de Jacques Villeneuve -- Private Paradise. Une autre de ses passions, la musique.
Merci Gilles Villeneuve
Merci Gilles Villeneuve, Thank You "Petit Prince"
A Year Ago, Jacques Villeneuve left F1
July 30, 2007, A Year Ago Today, JV left F1 Racing... No to F1 for now.
Montreal Busch Series, History in the Making
The Montreal Busch August 2007 race, History in the Making on circuit Gilles Villeneuve
Peugeot fr
Programme du Mans de Peugeot,caractéristiques de la P908 et son moteur V12 ,
The Peugeot 908
The Peugeot908 -- She'll take The Mans Pole
le Mans
nouvelles sur jacques villeneuves,24hr du Mans,Peugeot P908 V12 Diesel quel bolide,le Mans,Course Mythique,tout sur JV et les essais sur la P908
Biographie Jacques Villeneuve
Qui est Jacques Villeneuve? son cheminement jusqua aujourdhui en course auto,
Contact JViste.net
Contact JViste.net
Jacques Villeneuve Bio
About Jacques Villeneuve
Jacques' Music
Jacques Villeneuve's Music
Villeneuve Talladega testing
Villeneuve Talladega driving with the good ole boys...
Jacques Villeneuve Resources or Other Interesting Stories
Jacques Villeneuve Resources or Other Interesting Stories and Links.
The 50th Running of the Daytona 500
The Great American Race... Not just for Americans anymore
The Peugeot 908 page 2
Meet the girls... the Peugeot 908
Pechito Lopez has a verbal agreement with USF1
Pechito Lopez has a verbal agreement with USF1. Although only a pre-agreement, there's hope.
Truck Standings 2007
Truck Standings Craftsman Truck Series 2007
Jacques Villeneuve's first Nextel Race Oct. 7
Jacques Villeneuve's first Nascar Nextel Oct. 7, Yes!
Nascar Craftsman Truck Series News Feed
Nascar Truck Series News Feed
Jacques Villeneuve Speedcar Series - Speedcar Series 2008-2009
Jacques Villeneuve Speedcar Series, Jacques Villeneuve will be driving for Durango in 2008-2009.
Nascar Chase '07
Down to the wire now in Nascar Chase 07...
Jacques Villeneuve in Nascar's Nextel Cup race in Phoenix
Jacques Villeneuve Nascar, having fun getting ready for Nascar Nextel Cup series in 2008.
Nascar Craftsman Rookie Truck Standings 2007
Nascar Craftsman Rookie Truck Standings 2007
Série Craftsman Truck - Jacques Villeneuve Nascar
Série Craftsman Truck - Jacques Villeneuve en Craftsman Nascar Truck pour BDR Toyota
Nascar Crafstman Truck Series Jacques Villeneuve
BDR Looking forward to Jacques Villeneuve Nascar racing for the Team. Nascar World will have all eyes on Jacques...
Jacques Villeneuve en series Nascar 2008
Plus qu'une rumeur, Jacques Villeneuve sera present en Nascar pour 2008?
Jacques Villeneuve Nascar!
Jacques Villeneuve Nascar endeavor... Nascar Truck series testing and season's end races. Will Jacques Villeneuve confirm ride in Nascar for 2008?
Soirée bénéfice du Musée Gilles Villeneuve
Soiree benefice
Jacques Villeneuve Vegas Baby!
Jacques Villeneuve Vegas Baby! This time last year was Jacques Villeneuve's Vegas Truck debut. A short trip down memory lane...
Femmes Villeneuves - Au Cote de Tout Grand Homme, il y a une Grande Dame
Femmes Villeneuves - Johanna Villeneuve, la grande dame au cotes de Jacques Villeneuve
Nascar Grand Am Racing
Nascar aquires Grand Am Series Racing
L'incroyable aventure de Richard a SPA Francorchamps 2005
La belle aventure de Richard a Spa Francorchamps en 2005. Il partage son aventure inoubliable.
RFactor and F1Sone 2006-2007online racing
RFactor and FSone online racing... 07/08 jvworld group season starting soon
Official Nascar Nationwide Press Releases
Up to date Nascar Press Releases. Keep on top on the week in review or any special announcements
Jacques Villeneuve's World On Your Cellphone
Jacques Villeneuve's World On Your Cellphone, a 365-24/7 access to JV using JVWAP
Grand Prix du Canada F1 2010
Grand Prix du Canada F1 2010 - The Canadian Grand Prix F1 2010 is back
Not JV but Go Patrick Carpentier Go!
Patrick Carpentier at Nascar's Sprint Cup Race this weekend
Nascar Sprint Cup Chase 2008
It's Official! The Chase is on. News and updates.
Nouvelles Jacques Villeneuve et F1
Tout sur Jacques ou la F1, Nouvelles de l'heure
Jacques Villeneuve Fans' Photos & Interviews
Jacques Villeneuve Fan shares an interview he had while he was participating in the TopRace Argentina
Nascar Nationwide Napa 200
Nascar Nationwide Napa 200
Content Fairy Review
Read this Content Fairy review to learn about my experience with this amazing product.
Contribute to Jacques Villeneuve
Would you like to share your knowledge about jacques villeneuve? Great, find out how you can submit your story or tip here.

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