F1 Timing Application

It was a first time using the F1 Timing Application and I am enjoying it.

From practice to race's end, it's a great way to follow a race. And, a great compliment to watching it on TV. If you haven't already applied for this iPhone application and you're a serious F1 fan, appyl now!

The opening race of the F1 Season would have been quite boring without it. :-)

f1 timing iphone

F1 Timing Application for your iPhone or iPod... Follow the 2010 F1 Season(hopefully with Jacques Villeneuve :-)), live, where ever you are.

JV fans can catch all the race sessions via the live timing feed directly from the track, right in the palm of their hands! Watch a Grand Prix race unfold like never before.

We're about 29 days away from the first practice session of the Formula 1 2010 Season and an exciting year it will be!

With or without JV participating in Bahrain, this season promises to be one of the best in decades. New Teams, new cars, some very new Drivers, and Michael is back to show the young guns how it's done. Give to Ceasar what belongs to Ceasar. 7 World Championships!

I cannot wait to see him race again and of course I'm hoping Jacques Villeneuve will be there too. I bet you Michael agrees. :-)

Get the F1 Timing Application now for your iPhone and iPod and watch the infamous duel it out again.

Have a good one JVistes... the best has yet to come!


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