Bravo Lewis Hamilton - Bravo F1 Season 2008!

Félicitations F. Massa et Bravo! L. Hamilton. Le deuxième pilote en 58 ans qui gagne le Championnat dans sa deuxième année.

Le premier, on se souviens... C'est Jacques Villeneuve. :-)

Lewis devient aussi le plus jeune Champion de l'histoire de la Formule 1. La saison 2008 était bonne du premier départ de la première course, jusqu'au dernier tour de la dernière course. Hamilton a fait sa job.

Une super saison. Merci Kubica, Vettel, Massa, Hamilton, Glock, Alonso, etc, etc, etc...

Et merci D. Coulthard. Adieu. 62 podiums, c'est du stock!

Congrats F. Massa and Bravo! L. Hamilton. The second driver in 58 years who's won the Championship in his second year.

The first, we remember... Is Jacques Villeneuve. :-)

Lewis also becomes the youngest Champion in F1 history. The 2008 season was great from the starting line of the first race, right up until the finish line of the last one. Hamilton did what he needed to do.

LH now becomes the One everyone loves to hate. Sorry MS, you had your turn. lol

Thank you Kubica, Vettel, Massa, Hamilton, Glock, Alonso, etc, etc, etc...

Personally, I love F1 and appreciate a Champ. I'll forgive him for not wearing the right colours. :-)

And Thank You & Goodbye Coulthard. 62 podium finishes in his long 15 year career.

Save the Montreal Grand Prix 2009!

Save the 2009 Grand Prix de Montreal

Le Grand Prix du Canada a Montréal

En ce 8 octobre, 2008,

On se souviens de Gilles et cette Ile Magique mais aujourd'hui nous vivons un autre deuil...

Merci Gilles Villeneuve! Adieu Montréal!

Revez Grand comme Lui les JVistes. :-)

26 Years Later - 26 Ans plus Tard, Jacques Villeneuve & Gille's Ferrari

Jacques a eu la chance de voir pour la premiere fois l'auto a Gilles chez Ferrari... 26 ans plus tard.

Super video youtube que j'aimes bien.

Youtube video, 26 ans plus tard Jacques regarde l'auto Ferrari a Papa

10 Years Ago in F1... Bravo Jacques Villeneuve!

While watching the news tonight, we quietly remembered how it was 10 years ago. The best of times.

Andre, my dear beloved father-in-law used to bug us about knowing who had run the race. Back in the good ole days, we weren't watching the races live. We waited for CBC to air the race so we made sure we didn't listen or watch the news until we could watch the race pseudo-live. lol

We miss Andre and we miss the good old days of Jacques Villeneuve becoming F1 Champ. We didn't have a care in the world.

Times they are a changin... :-)

It's Nascar Baby! We may be getting older but JV's reminded us that new days and many more memories are yet to come.

Goodnight Irene. :-)

Jacques Villeneuve's f1 Career

Jacques' f1 career...

Source/Citing: WikipediaThe Free Online Dictionary

In 1996 Jacques began his illustrious f1 career with the Williams team.

It was spectacular, as he became only the second Formula One driver in history to achieve both a pole and a podium position in his first GP. He led the race until an oil leak that forced him to slow down and allow his teammate Damon Hill to pass.

He held on to finish 2nd.

JV won 4 races that year, reached the podium 11 times, and finished with 78 points — all rookie records which still stand today. His 1st victory came at the Nürburgring where he held off Michael Schumacher/Ferrari. He finished the season runner-up in the drivers championship to Hill... a battle to the very last pole at Suzuka.

With the 1997 departure of Hill, Jacques became the number one driver for Williams and his second season would be his best.Villeneuve became world champion that year by claiming 7 wins, 10 poles, 8 podiums, and 81 points. He had beat out the Ferrari star in the final race of the year at Jerez.

Remaining with Williams in 1998, he struggled with an underpowered Mecachrome engine, and failed to win a single race. His fifth in the standings was disappointing for a title defence; but considering the car he really couldn't do any better. Two 3rd places and a front-row grid slot at Monza were the highlights that year.

In 1999, Villeneuve joined the new British American Racing(BAR) team, co-founded and partly owned by his personal manager, Craig Pollock. The hype was incredible and expectations were high... It wasn't a good season for the Team.

His fans the JVistes, never gave up. It was still very clear that Jacques was a great driver. The repeated technical problems and his team mate Zonta's inexperience hurt any chance Villeneuve had to defend his title.

Despite alot of speculation in the media that JV was getting offers elsewhere, he remained with BAR until 2003. Many disappointments made it very difficult for Jacques to surmount the inner-workings of a "business". Great drivers like him and his father Gilles, Aryton Senna, Nelson Piquet, Andretti, Schumacher, Prost... they drive for the sport and the win.

We can only imagine what was going on and how hard it must have been. Being as outspoken as he is, the media often reported out of context. His own Team and close entourage, weren't looking out for their #1 driver whose technical/mechanical imput was ignored.

Jacques Villeneuve's f1 Career Stats

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