Craftsman Truck Series Phoenix Race

"Ouch!" said Skinner...

Looks like this Chase isn't over either. Skinner looked beat after yesterday's Truck Race. I think he was still in a state of shock about the Team's performance than the outcome of the point standings. Rough race for him on many levels.

It will be interesting now to see how the remainder of the season work's out for this Team.

The good news is, Jacques Villeneuve finished a respectable 19th. He's getting the hang of recovering quickly and plowing through those that don't.

Results for Craftsman Truck Phoenix race via link below.

Phoenix Craftsman Truck Phoenix Results

Nacar Truck Series Season Recap and ready for Atlanta Baby!

As usual, always great articles at It's a big lean business machine. :-)

For latest on Craftsman Truck Series and upcoming Atlanta race, be sure to read this article: By the numbers... Atlanta Baby!

Pointage Truck Series Craftsman 2007

Jacques Villeneuve avec 240 points... c'est relatif. Il s'amuse, on s'amusent a le voir courser, et la saison se termine bien pour lui. :-)

En attendant les super bonnes nouvelles pour JV Nascar 2008, Go JV Go! dans la serie Craftsman Truck.

25 octobre, october 25, 2007 truck standings

Craftsman Truck Standings, Nascar

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