Montreal Busch, August 4, 2007.

Personally, I've enjoyed 2007 racing. Discovering new series, and from The Mans to today's Montreal first ever Busch series, it's been a year of exciting events and races.

Seeing Jacques in the 908, waiting for news he'll be riding the CH is almost too good to be true. :-)

And, today there's history in the making.

In the meantime, my favorites for first Canadian Busch race, best of luck to Ron Fellows. He'll be wearing his commemorative T-shirt of his inspiration(going way back to Trans-Am series in Berthierville)Gilles Villeneuve.

Also wishing well to Vancouver's Valiante, lucky enough to ride Montoya's 42. A great car and a very big seat to fill. I think he'll do very well... we'll be hearing his name for awhile too.

And, of course, being a Canadiens Gal -- Best of luck the the first race for #9 Car(driver Said in another great car)wearing the beeeeeeeuuuuuuteeeeeful CH! Thank You so much Mr. Gillett!!!!

Bravo to everyone who made this historical weekend possible.

Gotta go see what's happening in F1 Hungary Qualifs.

August 6, 2007

The first ever Canadian Busch race was fantastic!

We even got to see Gordon pull a Gordon. lol

What a race and the last 10 laps were incredible. I don't think we could have asked for a more exciting finish.

Bravo to Pat, finishing second. It would have been great to see Ron Fellows or the CH car #9 driven by Said finish the race. Ron deserved a good finish but hey, this is Nascar and anything... anything can happen.

And, again, thank you Mr. Gillett for bringing Canadiana into Nascar.

While we're on the Nascar subject, let us now pray for JV's 2008 ride!

Our father, who art in heaven...

Drivers, start your engines!

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