Going Back to Newtown...

Feb. 29, 2008

It was a wonderful evening. What a crew!

We've come a long way from that first get together I attended at the Hudson home.

MYSS! had just come back from the printers and Ken had the first hard copy to show us all. The discussion was about the pricing... we all agreed it was priceless.

The entertainment that night was a violin solo. Bravo! Bravo! :-)

When I walked into the private dining room yesterday, I swear I got emotional seeing everyone and remembering how far the company has come.

From the beautiful Hudson terrace to the top of Crescent street's Newtown - From the days of MYSS! and the infamous but hilarious shananigans(chris/trevor breaking into server room downtown with Ken's help no less! ooops, that's strictly confidential lol) to SBI! and changing lives.

It sounds like the best is yet to come. Unbelievable.

Thanks so much Ken and Janice.

The Office Party

Kudos to the Chef and the excellent service. The staff at Newtown's are great.

Cocktails were at 6:30 and the hors d'oeuvres delicious. The mini bison burgers were a nice surprise to the usual finger food. Hmmmmmmmmm

I'm not sure of the numbers but certainly there were 50 to 60 of us(others from around the globe, who couldn't fly in for the affaire were with us in spirit :-)). We're a very close knit bunch despite our virtual office, so by the time we had all said our hellos dinner was ready to be served.

Bon Appetit!

The Menu

It was a 4 course dinner and the wine selections perfect.

1st Course:

Cream of asparagus with shrimps and truffle garnish
Green Salad with citrus

2nd Course Entree:

Deer carpaccio with parmesan cheese, vegetable roots remoulade, grapes soaked in Jack Daniel
Salmon 3 ways

Main Course:

Newtown Beef tenderloin with truffle oil
Seared tuna with spices and soya white butter

Dessert: For dessert we had a choice of chocolate mousse praline
creme brulee.

Their coffee is just the way I like it too. :-)

Merci Newtown! Super food, super atmosphere and excellent service.

And most of all, Thanks so much K & J.

As a JViste, it all came full circle last night at Newtown's...

Nov 27, 2007 - Newtown Hosts Benefit for Gilles Villeneuve Museum

It was a great night at Newtown last night. The Benefit for the Gilles Villeneuve Museum in Berthierville was a huge success.

Kudos to the Museum's family and friends. To Jacques and uncle Jacques, Johanna, Gino, the great JP Cabana, all the great collectors and supporters.

This upcoming 20th anniversary year of the gilles-villeneuve museum will be very exciting. Please be sure to visit if you're just a drive away. It's worth it.

My emotions are still running quite high but I will share all the details of this wonderful night soon.

In the meantime, enjoy a few photos we took.

mrs johanna martinez villeneuve

jpl with jacques villeneuve, nov. 27 newtown

More Photos at Newtown's, nov. 27/07

Meeting Uncle Jacques...

Meeting the very gracious Mrs. V, Johanna Villeneuve

Jacques Villeneuve - Newtown, Crescent Street Montreal

What Montrealers know as rue Crescent, Jacques Villeneuve fans know as Newtown's place of business.

A great place to eat, meet with friends or co-workers, or just have a fun night out. It's very urban, especially for Crescent.

Newtown is upstairs at 1476 Crescent Street near corner of Crescent and Maisonneuve.

Closest subway stop / metro: Peel

Phone: (514) 284-6555

Opens daily 11:30 am

Reservations recommended
Newtown's Web Site

It's nice to see a new rue Crescent evolving but for a bit of history...

Crescent 1970s & 1980s > Ode to Nick an old drinking buddy and great guy...

Be it Winnie's, Thursdays, or even Wanda's(lol), you find Nick with Bob, or Bob with Nick. Or, Nick alone. Most likely Nick with all his marketing/media pals... working on his next Editorial for next deadline.

Montrealers kept up with the 'IT' of the good ole days through Nick's column. Many of his friends were anecdotes of his daily life but always a metaphor to the bigger picture.

Thanks to all who've made Nick's alleyway a reality and where he'll always be remembered.

Best of luck Melissa in your new endeavors. You rock girl!

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