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La ligue de course JvWorldRacing est un groupe de courseurs de F1 qui utilisont Rfactor et le mode Fsone 2006-2007 ,

notre groupe coursait dans une autre ligue l'an passer , mais nous avons décider de former notre propre ligue, La Saison commence le 22 Septembre ,Melbourne Australie.

Pour ceux que ca pourrait intéresser laisser vos coordonnées, Bonne Saison a tout les coureurs!

The jvworld group of racing chums have decided to quit the group they raced with last year,

The jvworld chums will race amongst themselves but we are planning to help them keep stats, review races, etc... Come back soon, the 2007/2008 RFactor jvworld racing is starting soon.

A few of them are in practice as we speak. :-)

May the best racer win.

JV, the group is open to you anytime. With recent news of Nascar Truck testing for Davis, you won't have much time to play but... doors always open. :-)

Gentlemen start your engines!

If you're interested, contact us using the form here below or become a member of the Parlons Jacques forum where the boyz of jvworldracing also meet.

Si vous etes interesse, contactez nous ou devenez membres du forum Parlons Jacques... ou les boyz de jvworldracing se retrouvent.

Forum Parlons Jacques... recontrez les boyz...

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