Ontario getting ready for Nascar...

Middle East Bank Pushing For NASCAR-Ready Track In Ontario Ontario officials yesterday said that Middle East-based investment bank Bayt Al Mal Investments is "leading a group that plans to spend almost $172[M] to build a NASCAR-ready race track and entertainment complex" in Fort Erie, Ontario. -Sports Business Daily Oct. 17, 2008

Next year he'll Sprint...

The Nascar Nextel Cup 2007 has been won by Jimmie Johnson, 2 in row for him. Bravo JJ and of course Jeff Gordon who came in a very close 2nd.

All top Nextel Chasers will make their way to Week of Champions in beautiful New York Baby!. A great end to Nascar's 2007 season.

A BIG Yes! and Congrats! to Juan Paul, rookie of the year by a huge margin. Please be sure to keep the trophy warm for JV. :-)

With 2008 fast approaching, the talk will be about CoT, now the Car of TODAY and the new Nascar 2008 Sprint Cup Series and NationWide replacing Busch. Times they are a changin...

2008 Sprint Cup pre-season tests

The first wave of Cup Series teams will test in preparation for the great American Race, Daytona, on Jan. 7-9(Jan. 10 serving as a rain date).

The second wave of Cup Series testing will be Jan. 14-16(Jan. 17 serving as a rain date).


Nov. 14

What doesn't kill you, makes you stronger...

Usually, I'm writing about Jacques Villeneuve or a specific race or driver.

I'm taking this time, before this wonderful 2007 Chase ends, to talk a bit about Mr. & Mrs. Hendrick.

Barely 2 years since the Hendrick family tragedy where several members perished in a terrible plane crash, the Family and Team are back on top.

If Nietzsche is quoted in my headline, it's only to serve as a reminder to all of us that we can all choose to overcome. Hope & Desire. Reasons to live by.

Great Nascar.com article via link below,

Jeff, you've excited us for 15 great years. Go for it!

Jimmie, your merit resides in your win in 2006. Please give this one to Jeff. I'm sure you'll get a couple more in years ahead.

Or, maybe not. Depends on how many years JV decides to race Nextel. lol Overcoming tradegy, Hendrick Family & Team

Jacques Villeneuve is ready for Phoenix Cup Race...

Bravo Jacques... he qualified for a spot the Phoenix Nextel Cup race and will excite us once again in his #27.

Great job yesterday by Carl Edwards who had the best times. The Chase is far from over yet. It will be hot in Phoenix Baby!

And, a great article about open-wheelers transitioning to Nascar. It really is not easy and this article sheds a little light on how hard it is.

Nextel Cup Phoenix Lineup

Transitioning for open-wheelers

The Phoenix(JV) racing in Nascar's Phoenix Cup Race

The Phoenix:

Jacques still needs to qualify but I'm really not worried about that. :-)

This city in Arizona reminds us of the legendary Phoenix. Can we compare Jacques with this mythical bird that can live again and again?

Yes, it's a great comparison.

The Phoenix is fabulous... blessed with longevity and capable of rebirth after being consumed by its own flames. It symbolises the cyles of death and resurrection.

That's hot! lol

JV will rejenerate his racing career in Nascar.

Fly my Phoenix! It's Nascar Phoenix Baby!

For complete Entry List, please visit link here below. Again, of course he needs to qualify his number 127 just like he would his 27. :-)

Nascar Phoenix Entry List:

Nascar Phoenix Entry List

JV's memories of Phoenix at BDR Web site

Jacques and Dario interview on Nascar video,

Interview with Jacques...

BackStretchMotorSports.com's moderator had a great interview with Jacques and friends. :-)

Be sure to read it all at,

BackStretchMotorSports.com interview with JV

Jacques Villeneuve CoT testing in Atlanta

Full Results for both days, oct. 29 & 30 Atlanta testing:

CoT Testing in Atlanta -- Results

Testing at Gateway this week prepares Jacques Villeneuve for Phoenix?

TSN.ca is reporting that Jacques Villeneuve should be on the Entry List for the Phoenix Cup race next month.

That's like an early Christmas present. :-)

By that point, the Chase will be down to the Top 2 or 3 and Jacques presence will worry no one. They won't even mind when he wins the race. ;-)lol

Jacques Villeneuve in Phoenix Cup race,,,

In the meantime... Jacques Villeneuve is having fun

Great article about JV and the fun he's having preparing in 2007 for Nextel 2008. :-)

Having fun, Jacques Villeneuve

Jacques Villeneuve Nascar News or Not? Bill Davis Racing and Silly Season 2008?


Mayfield's replaced. Bill Davis has 1 truck for sale or 1 entry available? Lot's to learn in upcoming week or so.

Jacques Villeneuve is like our beloved Mr. Gillett in so many ways it may have been a match made in heaven or with the spirits of the CHs of times passed. :-)

Jacques wants to buy the whole damn company he loves Nascar so much. lol

Jacques Villeneuve Nascar Owner or Not?

October 21, 2007

Bill Davis explains...

Great article about current buyout rumors at Nascar.com: BDR explains rumors

AutoSports Nascar Blog

Nascar Not Just for Americans Anymore

JVistes everywhere are excited about Jac in Nascar.

Luckily, Nascar has been part of North American culture for a very long time. I can't remember NOT knowing, hearing, seeing, everything about this great American series.

But, it's not just for Americans anymore.

Fingers-crossed that Global Sports stations carry some Nascar races. I can't imagine living in Europe without Speed TV, ABC or NBC which now run some Rallys, Supercar races.

All this to say...

If you love any kind of racing, have been a fan of any great racer, Nascar is for you!

Anyone who follows it even for awhile understands these drivers and Teams are the hardest working racers. Mostly every week, they are in 1 or even 2 races, back to back.

They start riding Thursday and don't stop until the checkered flag comes out later that weekend. Pack up, move on, and start over.

Hours and hours of driving at top speeds, sometimes an inch apart, sometimes touching but remaining in full control as they ride hundreds of miles in races where everything counts.

The car #, the qualifying, start position, laps they lead, where they finish. Believe me, you can call them Rednecks all you want but they must be into Kumon math. lol

There's a lot to learn but there's even more to enjoy. Have fun learning about why Jac is having so much fun.

See you at the tailgates!

October 15, 2007

Kudos to Jeff Gordon, my personal Chase pic. A great legendary Nascar Champion(until Jacques beats all the records lol).

Seriously it was a busier race than usual. As I dozed off to sleep for several laps, they were still on the yellow upon waking up. What a hoot! Didn't miss much.

Next year, with Jacques Villeneuve on the Nextel Series roster, we made need a new bigger and better viewing via HDTV.

And as happy and proud I am to have the CH on GEMs' cars... And as much as I'm happy for Patrick Carpentier getting a top 35 ride next year... And I'll be waving my Canadian/Quebecois Flag if this team does well.

BUT, I will Gillett would have worked something out to partner with JV. I think Jacques planted this seed and Mr. Gillett went with proven track record Team/company instead. Too bad. You would have done very well Mr. Gillett with JV and Toyota! :-)

Go JV + BDR Go!


August 27, 2008.

Good luck today Jacques with testing Bill Davis Racing's Toyota truck, and of course the COT. :-)

Hope the weather dries up and enjoy enjoy enjoy! Great shopping in Chicago for the Misses! lol

August 14, 2007.

A big Thank You! to Mr. Gillett, owner of my favorite Hockey Team/Best Team of all time, Montreal Canadians.

Now, we Canadiens get to 'represent' in Nascar World. Already, driver Said rode a car with beautiful CH Logo. Bravo!

But please Jacques, return Mr. Gillett's call. lol

Let's see our own in those CH rides!

Of course, Mr. Gillett has interests in many industries but this may be his best purchase yet.

There's a fantastic article today in Montreal Gazette. Montreal Gazette-Aug. 14

Brickelsracing.com, great place to find Nascar gear

March 5, 2007 jvistes.net

Nascar popularity has grown so much globally; it's not just for Americans anymore.

And not just because Juan Pablo Montoya got his first Busch series win yesterday in the Mexico 200...

And not just because Jacques Villeneuve rumors have surfaced about his presence in lesser series' races in 2007 to prepare for possible 2008 entry...

And not just because the spin-doctors of the racing families want us to like Nascar...

Because it's another race, very unique and it attracts the best drivers in the world. We're still a long way from global venues for Nascar but money talks and I'm all for that if it brings more racing to racing fans around the globe.

FedEx Mexico 200

-Bravo Juan Pablo! Wasn't a big Cart fan but thought you added some much needed spice. Didn't think your Indy 500 win was as amazing as Jacques'. Wasn't thrilled to have you in Formula One for reasons other than your driving skills. BUT I'm so happy you won in Mexico!

Racing is racing and a true racer always races to win. In this day and age, there are few Montoyas, Villeneuves, Piquets, M-Shumis to fill entire magazines but there will be more to come. If you believe autoracing is a gentleman's sport, you are wrong in my opinion.

Ideally, a driver wins and is celebrated for the accomplishment. For JP, his first Nascar win comes with some baggage. A Team mate out, accident or both drivers responsible, makes no difference. He won the race and he'll win a few more until Jacques joins the grid.

March 19, 2007

A great race yesterday in Atlanta.

And, Juan Paul Montoya ran a fantastic race and finished 5th. People, drivers, and the media are all taking notice. Bravo JP! once again.

Alot of great racing overall and JVistes are taking notice of Nascar and looking forward to the best yet to come. Can you imagine Nascar 2008 with JV? I just can't wait...

Jacques Villeneuve -- Nascar 2008

Jacques did confirm recently during a televised interview that he was hoping to join Nascar in 2008.

His good friend and manager, Craig Pollock, took the opportunity last night during JV's debut Album launch to confirm they are talking with potential sponsors, Teams, etc...

Villeneuve will need to test the waters with a participation in the Craftsman Truck Series in 2007 to then move on to the second-tier Busch Series, which will feature its inaugural race in his new hometown of Montreal on the circuit that bears his father's name.

This would help graduate him to the top-level Nextel Cup for 2008!

Bonne chance, Jacques!

April 2, 2007

Great race yesterday in Martinsville. Best finish I've seen yet this year. Thanks Jimmie and Jeff for that. :-)

And, once again Bravo Juan Paul for a very respectable 15th place finish. Maybe this will put an end to anyone who thought JP Montoya would struggle on the short tracks.

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