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She's back by popular demand. :-)

I tried to stay away but duty called. Welcome to the rebirth of Lous Watercooler a place to talk about Jacques Villeneuve or other racing news.

Where was I...

April 4, 2013
Yes people, I'm still here.

And apparently so is JV. Congrats JV on a ride in the French GT Series. Not a bad one either... 10 out of 14 races. And for JVistes around the WWW - he will be driving Ferrari Red. Well these days maybe not much red. Gotta love Sponsorship. And finally, not his great Father's Stallion, but his own. Well maybe with some history. ;-)

I'll be the first to say I have enjoyed his entertaining F1 broadcasts with Sky Italia. Bravo! Bravo! Jacquomo! Almost sounds like Go JV Go! Ah the good ole days!

I really hope it works out for him and with next Racing Season just around the corner, I hope he finds a fulltime ride in Europe if that's where his heart needs to be(or where your money took him). His boys are certainly old enough now to need roots and a permanent address. Let's hope Baby Mamma brings the tods to all the races. Life is too short.

Speaking of which, that is what keeps me away from testing(oops meant updating) jvistes.net. Not only is life short but time flies when you're having fun. I just happen to be having fun elsewhere on the Net.

The F1 Season has barely just begun and Jacques Talk is already about his Baby Fa(Alonso) or Kool Kimi who both have the best Championship 2013 qualities. Whaever that really means. Surprised he didn't mention Massa if it's all about aging and fine wine. Strike that, not a fan of South American wine so far. No true aging process. Fundamentally, he doesn't like Vettel being a kid really. Hmmm, how many F1 Championships under his belt so far and at what age? I am as bored as anyone listening to the German National Anthem so many times during a Season. Time to raise another Flag at the Championships this year. That said, I have a feeling in my gut that I'll be seeing fingers in my face and a square German jaw. I'm okay with it. Give to Ceasar what belongs to Ceasar. But, keep some for the rest. Go Lewis! Come back Schumi!

In Nascar it's great to see Kyle doing what he should do all Season, every Season, from here on in. Unless he's ready to succeed only after Jimmie's done. The races have been good but I haven't enjoyed them as much as last's years at about this time. Expecting so much but prepared for less. hi hi hi

It is that time of year when so many racing Series have just started. I should be happy but Grosjean is still around, the D word is just dying down(until the next good qualification), and Jacques Villeneuve is finally back in a seat that makes sense. May he have humility because he is a Champ in every sense of the word.

And my dream in 2013... well it remains to see Kubica back where he belongs. That would make him and ME very very happy and a happy L is, is not what you think it is. Love you all! ;-)

Goodnight Irene as my Mom would say.L

January 16, 2013

I'm back!

At least for a few minutes. Just enough time to write a little something.

The big Jacques Villeneuve non-news... he'll be ice-racing in the Andros Series. Quebec, Canada is no longer his home(you really should take a look at Anguilla JV - a brand new home with an incredible view, call me). There's other stuff but nothing to worry your minds about, for now.

Congrats to Andrew Ranger for his Nascar 2013 race deal. Good stuff.

Hockey is finally back, it's already pre-Season Thunder in Nascar, and the F1 boyz will be making noize soon. Just can't wait.

Happy 2013 jvistes! Be sure to join us in TeamCanada, our Nascar Fantasy Yahoo private Team.

To join, TeamCanada

Log in with to your Yahoo Account(or create one) and to join, simply enter the GroupID 3015 and the password gonascar.

Looking forward to welcoming you to our Team!

August 16, 2012

I'm back!

And so are the boys that make that Nascar noise. Je t'aimes Montreal!

It's a great time of the year and what a Summer it has been here at home. It's good to be back on track.

There's alot of news I should be sharing but quite frankly, I've been too busy. lol

All I can say is there are different kinds of noise. White noise in particular is very distracting and sometimes it's where the truth lies. Sometimes it's simply an echo from down under. But this weekend, it's back here in the best city in the World and it's loud. May everyone enjoy the Montreal Nascar Nationwide Event. Welcome to all and best of luck to our homeboys!

Have a good one.

Happy Ground Hog Day!

Despite the reference, I certainly hope today never repeats itself. Only half-way done and it's been a biace of a day.

Firstly, RIP Christel. Life just sucks sometimes.

Argh... when it rains it pours.

Otherwise, there's lots of Nascar thunder that's for sure. This year's Daytona has something for everyone. It seems they are going the F1 route with paying-drivers... Danica will be participating at the Daytona 500. And it seems our very own Maryeve Dufault may buy herself a ride(or at least have her ride paid for lol).

I'm so glad my sarcasism overrides my pain.

In F1, the games have certainly begun. McLaren seems to have taken the pre-Season reigns. Good for them. Nice ride too.

Mostly, I'm not second guessing anything I read in 2012. It's all spin-machine-crap. They are so good at it as well.

Well, my Nico had promised me another Road Trip and I am certainly 'game'. The next one will absolutely be here at home, somewhere in TO or West of it. Good times for sure. Gratia. Qualcosa di incredibile guardare al futuro

January 12, 2012

A brand New Year and only 45 days away from the Daytona 500. Love the boys who make the noise.

Pre-Season Thunder has begun.

Holidays are over for Nascar and the Sponsors, Teams, and Drivers are busy getting their Nascar-marketing machine rolling and testing underway. Good stuff.

And yes people, jv-fans are still patiently waiting with fingers-crossed for some Villeneuve/Nascar news. In my non-humble opinion, I’m anxious to hear about the end of his Andros Trophy endeavours.

That said, I am pleasantly surprised about his participation in the upcoming Indian i1 Series racing.

It will be a mix of open-wheel champs and other up and coming racers... both male and female. Not for the faint of heart and certainly the old pros will have lots to say about the rookies...

Looking forward to JV racing in open-wheel again, whatever the Series. It’s better than Ice Racing and it could keep fans happy until his next ride in Nascar. The best has yet to come.

Speaking of old pros - 45 years ago the GREAT Mario Andretti won the Daytona 45.

Time to get serious Jacques about your own place in racing history...

In F1, the 2012 rumormill is going full swing. Lewis says he loves California and would live and work there anyday. Ha! Him and Beckham in same town. Lovely managing(she says sarcastically). I do hope he has better luck racing this year. Time will tell if the best always rises to the top or not.

Will Red Bull retain their domination?

Judging by Ferrari’s start in 2012, looks like the Bulls will dominate the Stallions again this year. Just saying. Hoping to see all the Teams do better this year.

And of course the horrible news about my Robert Kubica is all over the Web these past 24 hours. He broke his leg again falling on ice in Italy. You have got to wonder what Domenicalli is thinking right about now. Looks like he thinks he's an Ace at playing politics but diplomacy would be more appropriate.

“Should we take a chance on Kubica for 2013?”

I say YES! Please - please me.

Not much to say about Renault. So happy to know Kimi is making a return to F1 but think his choice of Team is a mistake. Then again, no secret, I totally dislike the Team but have often loved the drivers.

Lastly, go Senna go! If it doesn’t work out – there’s always Nascar.


A very special Shout Out to my Craig.

He’s done it again with his new venture, P.U.R.E.

As much as many JV-fans are haters... the guy is a genius with a midas touch. HE made Jacques the great champion and businessman he ‘was’. My fantasy remains another future partnership with JV, bringing perfection to chaos. The way things are meant to be.

Not sure either would ever want to though. Oh well, wishful thinking is better than saying nothing at all.

Time for some R & R. Maybe some Florence and the machine with a loud Merlot will help me forget about the weather outside. A fire would be nice as well.

A New Year and new possibilities but I’m still nostalgic about years past. May there be a future with familiar Nics such as Koji and Jazz. May my new registration not say “Big Mistake”(inside joke, don’t try to guess lol).

Leonard Cohen – Darkness-a must 'listen'


December 19, 2011

Finally, some good JV-news... It seems Jacques Villeneuve is part of the i1 Super Series lineup. The first race is at Sepang, January 22, 2011. There will be 5 Events, 9 Teams(18 drivers) and yes jvistes, JV will be looking great in Ferrari colours!.

May we never hear about him racing in Andros again! lol

Happy Holidays to all!

November 9, 2011

It's almost over... both the Nascar and F1 Seasons are coming to an end. Two more races left for each Series.

In Nascar, the Chase is very close. The Top 10 are less than 100 points apart. It's been a great Season to date. Kyle who is 11th, exactly 100 points behind my Carl, was benched this past weekend for the Texas Sprint Cup race. His payback attempt in the Truck race has him on probation until the end of the Season. Considering Kyle has already made over 5 million this year in Sprint Cup racing alone(does not include his commercial worth for this past year), the 50 thousand dollar fine seems like a drop in a huge bucket. I'm just saying.

The whole "Nascar can survive without you" thing is getting old. Personally, I feel Nascar isn't Nascar without the likes of Kyle.

Wouldn't it be something if he moved up in the Chase significantly with the last 2.

My only surprise really for this year's Championship is Mr. Tony Stewart. Wow! Only good stuff to say about him and the Team. You can get by with consistency all year but 3 Chase Wins is simply incredible. Kudos for sure but don't mess with my Carl! ;-)

The F1 boyz are in Abu Dhabi this week before they end the Season in Brazil.

Homeboy Robert Wickens, the only Canadian with a valid superlicense, gets his chance during a F1 race-weekend setting to participate in Friday's free practice, piloting a Virgin. Go Bobby Go! We need a new Canadian racing hero...

While our older hero JV will be slipping and sliding with the Andros crew. Have I mentioned the great ice-racing we have here at home? (had to get that in again lol)

I'll be honest, it's a big disappointment as a jv-fan. Don't get me wrong, I'm sure he has alot of fun and it keeps him busy. That said, the clock is ticking and the more he stays away from Nascar, the harder it will ever be. It's a full time job in and of itself , getting a ride in Nascar.

Okay, back to the F1 Championship,

Vettel was confirmed as winner this Season a couple of races ago. Now, the race is for second and third. Ferrari wants everyone to believe Baby FA will take second. I'm not so sure and he's not on the podium in Abu Dhabi according to my picks. I hope I don't have to eat my words. May the best man win!

And, may Kimi return to F1! :-)

Have a good one and dream big!

October 18, 2011

Auto123 confirms that Jacques Villneuve will be participating again this year in the Andros Trophey.

Oh well...

October 16, 2011

It was supposed to be a lazy crazy day Sunday. A dozen of us gathered to honor Pauline's 81st birthday. To bring everyone up to speed, Pauline is my third Mom, the only one I've know in my Adult life.

T'was a great day and a glorious celebration. It don't get any better at 81 than Pauline.

The get together in Montreal meant I'd miss some racing news. I didn't think it much mattered only because recently, I have been less interested. I can now easily live without seeing a race live or on TV. AT least I've been repeatedly telling myself that.

The Big One in the Indy race today took out a great great racer - Dan Wheldon. Our hearts are with Suzy and the boys... And, there were several involved in the crash. Our thoughts are with you all.

It certainly put a damper on the fact I had an incredible week in both Nascar Sprint and F1 pools. Oh well. Am I soundingparticularly devlish?

On that,

Great race in Korea by Vettel and everyone at Red Bull. Kudos to Mark. As for Lewis, who is the best frickin exciting driver since Schu(or Vet who has now beaten Father Schu's record:-}), get your head together. Nicole's busy eh. Earning as much as you will this year. She loves you. Get a grip. It ain't so bad after all. Fire your Manager! lol

I'd say the same to Jack. But hey, contracts are contracts. Good luck to you both. We miss you Jacques! Show them what you got and buy some A Shares in a Nascar Team.

Lastly, a special shout out to Massa! Wooohooo! That must have got under the Alonso eyebrows. Your best start and moves this year. :-)

Goodnight Irene!

September 27, 2011

Belated Happy Birthday JPL.

And, forever your best bud will be remembered. JV's #1 fan shares his dream come true... RIP Richard.
Souvenirs de Spa 2005

I'm back to my routine. Summer was fantastic and so far, Fall is pretty good too.

A perfect day for a drive in the M3. She still needs a name. I was thinking La M but we'll see.

Of the 3 girls, one needs to go. Or, Lapassa will be wearing some Winter tires as she becomes the number 2 gal in the paddock. lol


Another great win by Vettel in Singapore. He's just 1 point away from securing this year's Championship. Everyone at Red Bull certainly deserve it. May the party get started in the land of the rising Sun.

McLaren and Ferrari still looking for that secret sauce but not that far behind anymore. At least McLaren is improving every race. I wish I could say the same about Hamilton's luck or maybe even lack of judgement. Time will tell if there really is such a thing as the beckham-effect. ;-)

To be fair, Lewis has done great considering the penalties and constantly coming back up the field a couple of times each race. Didn't help me with my Fantasy pool though.

Young Senna is giving it a decent try for sure but none of the young-guns have shown me the makings of a future World Champion... yet. Speaking of World Champions, although still just a rumour, there's a chance we'll see Kimi again in F1? Hmmmmm, sounds good to me but would rather see him join forces with Jacques Villeneuve and save Red Bull Nascar. lol

Hey! Dream big, the best has yet to come.


Let's hope the Nascar 2011 Chase's best has yet to come. Great job Tony Stewart in Loudon, again. You see, big dreams can come true. lol

And, as we saw in the prior race, they just can't seem to do the gas-math South of the Border. To see Clint Bowyer run out of juice with only 3 laps to go, made me want to scream. My Fantasy picks ruined. Oh well. :-)


Also a belated birthday to my bossman K and my BFF Dom. Yes folks, the 3 very important people in my life were all born within the same 24 hours. Coincidence or simply perfect chaos... I'll never know for sure but love you all. xo


Got the annnual invite to the Gilles-Villeneuve Museum Benefit. This year we remember Gilles. Almost 30 years ago now. Jamais Oublié. And fittingly, the event this year is at Circuit Gilles Villeneuve. Should be a nice night.


August 30, 2011

Congrats to Vettel for his 7th GP victory this year. Mark is content again being second. :-)

The best racing was Schumi for sure, hands down. Despite a very disappointing mishap that had him start last on the grid at Spa, he finished 5th. I had him in for finishing 3rd and really, had it not been for others' bad mistakes, he would of done it. Sorry JVistes, I had to give to Ceasar what belongs to Ceasar... lol

The reason I'm taking the time to write today is simple, one of JV's biggest fans(aka Sono) has opened his own business related online forum. Be sure to drop in and encourage him.

Spécialiste et consultant de gros électroménagers, JP Carriere à lancé un nouveau Forum. Allez l'encourager...
Forum Électroménagers
August 22, 2011

It's a cool and wet Monday morning on the Lake. The first sign that Summer will be ending sooner than later. But, Season's change and so will JV's future. :-)

Most JVistes are feeling much better about Villeneuve's Nascar race on Saturday. Hey, it's only UP from here. lol

There is big interest in Jacques no matter what. I'm hoping Penske understands his 'worth'. We'll know soon enough. Perhaps the interest from a Canadian business owner is the best possible answer to 'the dream'.

Either way, there is Jack-talk again and it's a positive spin to a Napa 200 story that ended badly.

Dream Big JVistes, the best has yet to come!

Enjoy the day.L

August 2, 2011

My R&R is over for now and I'm just catching up on all the racing news. It's time again for the GP3R and it should be another great time in Trois Rivieres.

Isabelle Tremblay will be participating in the Nascar Canadian Tire race where she is currently the Top rookie. As well as the Formula Tour 1600. Best of luck Isa!


Great great Sprint Cup racing at Indy this past weekend. Although I didn't do well in my Fantasy points, I am so happy for Menard, the family, and of course Childress who saw something in Paul that other teams couldn't quite understand. A beautiful site to see them all kissing the bricks!


The Sprint Cup race is at Pocono this weekend with the Truck Series. The Nationwide racers will be doing their thing in Iowa.

And we're that much closer to the Watkins Glen races. Today would be the deadline for any late entries. Oh well.

Personally, I would have much rather seen Jacques Villneuve racing there. Ola! We'll have to enjoy his attempt at stock car racing in Brazil in the meantime. The good news is, we'll see him racing again in Nascar's Napa 200 in just a couple of weeks. Fingers-crossed it's not the last time we see Nascar racing in Montreal.

I read earlier today that the GP3R got the government backing they so deserved. Long live little Monaco!

With recent news that the Napa 200's future is in limbo, it's time for all racing fans to stand up and voice their opinions. Time for support from fans, the industry, and the Montreal area business community to let the powers that be know - it's important to all of us. JV talks about it in a great Montreal Gazette article today.


Well, I must return to my workload so I can have some more R&R just in time fo the upcoming road races.

Have a good one JVistes and stay cool!

July 1, 2011 - Happy Canada Day!

The Nascar Nationwide race at Daytona is about to start and I'm absolutely exhausted. The last 24 hours have been spent travelling to hell and back.

The good news is, it's only up from here and the new normal is better than chaos. That said, I am a firm believer that chaos equals perfection. A firm believer.

The Sprint Cup guys qualified earlier and Mark Martin and Trevor Bayne reminded us that from the young-gun to the elder... Only the best do well at Daytona. :-)

It ain't over until it's 2 hours into the start. lol

Love Daytona. Let's see who learnt from past mistakes and who will probably do well in the next Big One 2012. Keep in mind we're also on the countdown to the beginning of the Chase.

BTW, is anyone else tired of seeing or hearing about the "Villeneuve" Road America 'incident'? Believe me, it's how he reacted and left that really pissed some people off. Important people. Oh well.

Bossman is human and perhaps more so than most in the auto-racing world. May I remind everyone that no one is perfect and he is, against most of us... in a car.

Is he or will he ever be a Schumi? God I hope not. He's more an Andretti, Hill or Prost. He's a Villeneuve.

Enough said.

Goodnight Irene as we say here at my house. I've got a crash to recover from(thank you JPL... you are simply the best xo).

If I wasn't paid the big bucks to be online, it really wouldn't matter. But big bucks, a bonus, and dividends are what help make my Crews' dreams come true so even on this important Canada Day I must get back to my new normal.

Work hard and Dream Big! It DOES payoff, Amen.(thanks for letting me practice my religion lol)

June 30, 2011It's the last day of June and what a month it has been.

Jacques Villeneuve gave us a few thrills in the Nascar Nationwide Road America race where he finished 3rd. He certainly was agressive and has upset the 'regulars' that's for sure.

That's Nascar Baby!

JV should be proud of his participation. He wasn't there to please or to stay out of anyone's way. That's just the way he rolls.

For me, 2 races in Nascar this year simply isn't enough. I'm really looking forward to some payback here in Montreal, where he'll race again in the Napa 200.

Papis and Lally sure had alot to say about Jacques. One calling him an idiot on Twitter, the other retweeting "Hey, I'm over 6 feet, he's just above 5. When you tell me I should have 'talked' to Villeneuve after the race, what do you think would happen?"

Is he calling bossman a pip-squeak???

I have nothing good to say except that the greatest payback, would be JV finally winning in Montreal. Tiens-toi!

Just a few weeks away now.

This weekend, they'll be racing at Daytona again. It's always better the second time around. :-)

In F1, they'll be racing at Silverstone next weekend. The events leading up to the British Grand Prix at Silverstone are always special. I think the Brits are finally allowing themselves to let loose and give the people what they want. Pomp and circumstance DOES have its place in auto-racing. God Save the Queen!The European GP last weekend in Valencia was another great race despite the fact they were in Valencia. Argh! I'm not a Valencia fan(please, no e-mails, I simply won't respond :-)).

Vettel has his 6th win this year and that #1 finger gesture was made once again. If you haven't already seen Jenson's youtube comment about the Vettel 'finger', you need to find and watch. Worth the search(but not on my time lol).

Ferrari are back too but McLaren - What is going on???

The red stallions are perfectly optimized and Alonso has been great on Start. However, the big Bulls still dominate. Vettel is ahead in the Drivers' Standings by 77 points Button and Webber are 2nd/3rd respectively with. Nice to see Button's consistency and tyre-expertise is paying off for him. Same for Mark, just doing enough to do his job. Neither have thrilled me this year yet. Oh well.

Hopefully the British Boyz will do well at Silverstone. I'm starting to think Joe was right when he mentioned Lewis was suffering from the Beckham-effect. LH has had some great racing recently but there's something stuck in his mouth. Must be a foot(still love you Lewis!). :-)

Speaking of Brits...

A warm and fuzzy Welcome to the Duke and Dutchess of Cambridge. May you have a grand time on this Royal Visit. Wearing Canadian designs and last-minute catching up on all their Canadiana, they are ready and so are we. Should be a nice show.

A special mention to all our brave and wonderful Soldiers serving or who have served in Afghanistan... Thank YOU. May you have the best Canada Day.

I tell you, this Royal Visit has put me in a patriotic mood.

Well, I have some work to finish up and then I'm taking it easy for a few days. Time to celebrate, try out my new Nikon, and take a long ride in the new lady, MIII. She doesn't have a name yet and probably won't for at least a few weeks. I'm not ready to say goodbye to the older girlz just yet. I love all the menagerie so much. Each have a different personality, a one of a kind spirit. One perfectly chipped and tuned, the other big and strong. And of course the new babe, she's simply the best car ever built. lol

Thanks for letting me indulge JVistes and have a good one!

June 21, 2011 Happy Summer!

And what a great start the Summer shall have, with Jacques Villeneuve racing again in the Nascar Nationwide Series. Time to get this party started.

Nascar media had a nice mention in this week's Nationwide releases:

Revenge For Villeneuve?

Last year, Jacques Villeneuve drove the Road America course like a man possessed. His deft work on the 14-turn course was breathtaking at times, especially one three-wide pass late to capture the lead for a brief period. A mechanical problem ended his opportunity for a win, opening the door for Carl Edwards to ride off on the Harley trophy.

Edwards is back. And so is Villeneuve. Revenge, anyone? Villeneuve will drive the No. 22 Discount Tire Dodge for reigning series champion Brad Keselowski, who will focus on the NASCAR Sprint Cup race at Infineon.

Villeneuve is one of three well-known road-course aces in the field. Ron Fellows, last year’s Road America runner-up, returns to run for JR Motorsports. Max Papis will drive the flagship No. 33 Chevrolet for Kevin Harvick Inc. In his most recent series race last August in Montreal, Papis was edged by Boris Said by .012 seconds, the fifth-closest finish in series history.

Ricky Carmichael represents the other end of the "road-course ringer" spectrum. The 15-time motocross champion and full-time NASCAR Camping World Truck Series driver will make his NASCAR Nationwide Series season debut at Road America, which also will be his NASCAR national series debut on a road course. In 2008, he finished ninth and 12th, respectively, at road courses while driving in the NASCAR K&N Pro Series East.


Have a great day JVistes and Dream Big!

June 16, 2011

It's a good day for sure.

Congrats to my boyz the Boston Bruins. Love, love, love my Boston boyz.

And of course, Congrats to Jenson Button who won the Canadian Grand Prix this past weekend in Montreal. What a frickin show it was. A 4 hour plus marathon from start to finish, the longest F1 race in history.

A nano-second of distraction and Vettel spun just enough to have Jenson pass him right before the checkered flag. Oh well Vettel, you are human.

It was such a great race that even Lewis forgave and forgot. Some wins are just so frickin awesome. I'm not sure what is going on with Lewis but the N. Lauda seems to think it's the Beckham Syndrome. lol

Schumi, Petrov and Kobayashi all had a good day as well, despite the duck weather. The icing on the Grand Prix cake was the Steward who fell - twice... All's well that ends well.

Missed you Robert Kubica!

I'll say it again, Montreal has the greatest racing fans in the World! It's just how we roll.

There were more celebs and rock stars than usual too this year. Of all ages and accomplishments. I believe Jacques V had a swell time. All that silly F1 return talk is finally over. He's ready for Nascar... just a couple of weeks away now.

My favorite Sharks were there, Robert himself participating in the Ferrari Challenge. Go Robert Go!

Kudos to Isabella Tremblay, JC Cote, and several other hometown racers. The supporting events were exciting too. Support your local racers!

It will turn out to be the most watched Grand Prix event of the year so far... our American friends really tuned in and got really turned on. They are used to 4 hour races, restarts, and bumping and grinding. They can only wish F1 will be racing in Austin but they'll never beat our Canadian Grand Prix.

The Nascar boyz are racing in Michigan this week. Money is on my Carl for the win but I'm not so sure. My mind is still on the Montreal GP and celebrations in Boston. I'll be back to my Nascar-loving self in time for Road America and Jacques Villeneuve's first 2011 Nascar race.

Go JV Go! The best has yet to come.

In the meantime, Dream Big. I'm off to take more pics with my new camera and lens. Merci merci belou.


May 30, 2011

Oh yes! A beautiful sunny Monday here at home. The weekend was spent doing odds and ends, shopping, and watched some TV.

I had missed the qualifications and decided they really weren't worth watching... this was the Monaco GP, anyone's race.

Kinda nice to see McLaren and Ferrari put some pressure on Red Bull. Kudos to Vettel who won his first Monaco race. And, although I am not a Baby-Fa fan at all, bravo Alonso. Button took a very respectable third.

A great great race by Lewis Hamilton, despite the distractions. It's F1 people, it needs a bit of character. I'm sure Lewis does feel some regret today for lashing out but that's all it was.What great World Champion hasn't.

I must mention Kobayashi who finished 5th behind Webber(don't have much good to say this week about My Mark, argh!). Way to go Sauber! Kobayashi is an exciting driver to watch but you don't want to be beside him on the track. ;-)

Some may say the Red Flag following Petrov's crash put a damper on potentially the best finish of the F1 Season. Really, we'll never know.

Glad you're okay Vitaly!

Lastly, a quick summary of the Nascar Sprint Cup race at Charlotte:

Harvick won.

Dale Jr. almost got a win but speaking of droughts... he simply ran out of gas.

As did Kasey Kahne.

You can't help but wonder but oh well. Poor poor Dale for sure.

Have a good Monday JVistes.


May 27, 2011 TGIF!

Well, I missed my picks for this week's Nascar Sprint Cup race. Guess I'll be playing the same drivers. Oh well.

But, I did get in my picks for F1's great Monaco Grand Prix. I can't help saying what a great season it's been so far. McLaren and Ferrari finally giving Red Bull some competition. Love it!

The last race in Spain was a good one and I'm guessing Monaco will be even better. Wishing I was there today. Oh well.

On the Home Front, jv-world's forum is back online. JV's true blue lifelong fans have their home back... Or do they?

For a friend, I signed up although not a sandbox I play in often at all. To my horrible surprise, I noticed the 2 people that should be there first, JP and Lisa, seem to have been replaced. Hopefully this is temporary until they become Admin-Mods again to keep the current riff raff in check. Unbelievable and word on the cyber-street is not good. The true blue JV fans since the dawn of jv-world time are upset. Very disappointed.

I say - Rise up! I need to be entertained again soon. lol

And really, don't people at Transport Canada have work to do?(their IP address is busy in jv-land)

Have a good one JVistes, the best has yet to come.

May 25, 2011

If you don't have your tickets for the Road America or Napa Montreal Nationwide races, get them soon! :-)

Oh yes, finally, we get to see Jacques Villeneuve racing again here in North America. May he never return to Ice Racing again. lol

Things are really moving, Nascar is sooooo ready to build on their Canadian and International fans. So many open-wheelers/Internationals now welcomed into the Nascar fold.

I hate saying the 'D' word but she has found herself a full time ride for next year. What can I say, way to go.

In the meantime, it looks like JV has a plan too. :-)

Finally! May the announcement of these 2 Nascar Road Races be the first of much more JV-Nascar racing to come.

Go JV Go!


Penske Racing

Villeneuve to Drive No. 22 Dodge at Road America, Montreal

MOORESVILLE, N.C. (May 24, 2011) - One of the most accomplished racers in recent history will join Penske Racing for two upcoming road course races on the 2011 NASCAR Nationwide Series (NNS) schedule.

Former world champion driver Jacques Villeneuve will compete behind the wheel of the No. 22 Discount Tire/Ruby Tuesday Dodge Challenger in the Nationwide Series races at Road America (June 25) and Montreal (August 20). Villeneuve will fill in for reigning Nationwide Series champion, Brad

Keselowski, at the two events, which will be run on on-companion race weekends with the NASCAR Cup Series.

"I am really looking forward to joining Penske Racing and getting the chance to race at two of my favorite tracks with the series championship team," said Villeneuve, who recently tested with the team at Road Atlanta. "I am excited to work with the Discount Tire/Ruby Tuesday Dodge crew and we should be very competitive in both of these events."

Villeneuve is one of only three drivers to win the Indianapolis 500, the Indy Car championship and the Formula One Series world title, joining former Penske Racing drivers Mario Andretti and Emerson Fittipaldi in the rare racing triple crown. Villenueve won the Indy 500 and the CART Series Indy Car crown in 1995 before moving to Formula One where he captured the driver's title in 1997.

"It's great to be able bring aboard a driver like Jacques, who has raced and won at the highest levels of motorsports," said Tim Cindric, President of Penske Racing. "Jacques has run well at both of these tracks before and he'll be a good fit on the No. 22 Discount Tire/Ruby Tuesday team."

Villeneuve has made eight NASCAR starts over the past four seasons, including five in the Nationwide Series. His top NASCAR result came last season when he finished third at Montreal.

Competing at both Road America and Montreal, Villeneuve will return to two tracks where he's enjoyed some impressive history. He has already been to Victory Lane at Road America as he won the CART Series races there in both 1994 and 1995. He will then race in his hometown of Montreal, Quebec, Canada at the circuit named after his famous father, former Formula One driver Gilles Villeneuve.

For the two upcoming events, Villeneuve joins a team that certainly has experienced its share of success over the last 16 months. Since the team made its debut in February 2010, the Discount Tire/Ruby Tuesday Dodge NNS team has recorded six wins, five poles and a remarkable 32 top-five finishes in 47 races. The team claimed Penske Racing's first-ever NASCAR title when it won the series championship in 2010.

May 20, 2011 - TGIF

I waited all week for today and actually tossed and turned all night in anticipation. The day is young and maybe I'll shake off this feeling of disappointment... I'll simply not look outside.

Practice 1 for the Spanish Grand Prix is over and Mark Webber had the fastest time, barely quicker than Vettel. Rosberg seems to be on point and what can I say about Sergio Perez - nothing good. lol

So? Any surprises in Spain this weekend? I think so. The obvious is, RedBull continue to dominate. Alonso should have a great race. He's got a great ride, the kinks seem to have relaxed, and he's got cash in pocket. I'm hoping Baby-FA is back to his younger self. Ferrari just hasn't done it for me in a couple of years. And that coming from a #1 Ferrari fan. Oh well...

This weekend, our Kimi attempts his first Nascar Camping World Truck Race. And, it will be shown live in the UK and parts of Europe. That's how it's done folks!

We're only minutes away now from Practices in Charlotte With Qualifying at 4PM EST. Tonight's Truck Race will have International race fans tuning in. From start to finish in North America, we can catch it on Speed TV.

Just wanted to mention that Mr. Kimi R made more money than top F1 drivers last year. He's a hard worker, consistent, and has a head for strategy and business. The Iceman cometh USA!

I believe this was JV's epiphany. He could learn from Kimi on how business is done. Leave the ego at the door and just get to work.

Hope to see you at the track in Charlotte Chuckie.

Thanks for letting me indulge. :-)

The Nationwide race is happening Sunday in Iowa. In my non-humble opinion, not much hype nor anticipation for this one.

The Big Show is in Charlotte this weekend. Yes, it's that time of year people. The Showdown and the All Star Race. Bubble gum for the fans. Mostly a media event this year if you ask me. I'm still more excited about seeing the Iceman today. May he finish what he started - again.

Weather here in the Montreal area has been horrendous. I'm usually not one to complain about small stuff but it's cramping my style.

Yesterday, was the first day here at home, where I've actually cast a shadow in a very long time. Didn't last long but enough to give me hope that Spring is really here and Summer is only a few weeks away now.

The 'O Julip-ers are ready for their meetups, The Montreal Grand Prix organized and ready. Most Top Montreal hotels are booked solid June 10-13th Another great party this year.

There are still tickets left folks, be sure to get your seats soon!

I am going to make myself a breakfast blend now and try to figure out what I should be doing today. I have no priorities but do what I want really. Ah the dividends of hard work while having fun. Kudos to our company(my day job), the best Team on the planet.

Life is sweet.



May 5, 2011, Thinking of you on your birthday AP

I'm back from Oz but must leave again soon for a Brave New World.Just had to welcome Craig Pollock back to the F1 World. So so glad he's back. :-)

I wish I could be writing about Jacques' return to Nascar. Maybe Craig can also get back into JV's life. He's really the only person I know that could set the guy back on jacques-track. He's always cared. Okay enough of my open admiration of Mr.C. :-)

In Nascar, the Sprint Cup and Nationwide Teams are in Darlington. The Weather forecast for the next few days in South Carolina is good. Should be fun racing.

It will be a race to the finish. The best of the best will be fighting this one out from start to finish. It's been a great racing Season so far and the best has yet to come.

Sadly, I must move mountains and it's time for me to roll.

Have a good one!L

April 29, 2011 God Save the Queen!

It's a done deal and what a brilliant affair it was. Once upon a time... modern time... And as a bruised and battered World watches, the skies clear and gone are pain and hard times. We rejoice.

Thank you C & W.

I love pomp and circumstance. Today a Royal Wedding and soon, Saintly Beatification, another great show. The British Monarchy and the Roman Vatican simply put on the greatest shows on Earth.

I woke up and the deed was done, they were heading to the rectory to seal the deal. God Save The Queen was being magnificantly performed.

For me it's the Big Picture. The Cavalry, the Commanders. The Carriages, the Cars. The Royals in all their glory, the Horses Parade. The Queen and The People.

Although the day is still young and the parties continue, I do have one complaint... Sexy Prince Harry in the Kiddy Carriage... Let's hope he doesn't have to sit at the kiddy table. Ouuufff, that really hurt my fantasy. In my dreams he's riding a Household Horse named Lous. lol

Even our own redneck Nascar royalty is keeping up to the Brits' Royal Event. Will they be wearing hats in Richmond? That would be a hoot. Like the Kentucky Derby. We need to start the modern trend on this side of the Pond too. Enough of the Caps. I would love to wear a huge hommage to the 99 with proud Peacock feathers with a splash of Wild Turkey.

Kudos to Andrew Ranger who had qualified 4th in Nascar's K&N West Series yesterday. He finished a respectable 7th. And, the fans got to watch Travis Pastrana's attempt. He finishes 25th following an accident on lap 97. Still nothing to be ashamed of. He did a good job considering. DJ Kennington finished 10th.

Tonight Nascar fans will have a Nationwide race in Richmond. Qualifying is at 4PM EST. The Sprint Cup race is at 7PM tomorrow night. Who doesn't love a short-tracked showdown at night!

Our F1 friends are slowly but surely getting ready for Turkey next week. Looking forward to this Grand Prix for sure.

The only JV news these days are articles about how well LeNewtown is doing since he no longer owned it. Or, read about Jacques still not having a signed-sealed deal of his own for the upcoming Nationwide race right here in Montreal. Oh well, at least he hasn't commented on other currently-employed racers in several weeks. It's hard to keep the faith so to speak.

I'm done with my coffee and I'm over the Habs loss(at least I think I am) and have stopped repeatedly "Rolling in the Deep" with Adele. So, I'm off to meet the Wizard, the Wonderful Wizard of Oz. Because, because, because.

Have a great weekend JVistes. In Lous-World, the best has yet to come.


April 20, 2011 - Hump Day

Happy Hump Day JVistes!

The weather here back home is simply sad for this time of year. A Team member just e-mailed me from Panama City to complain about the hot 92 degree weather. Serves you right to leave Anguilla for a vacation! Love you anyways and miss you too! And to JeeP who sent me a photo of me riding JD last Summer. Love of my life! lol

Despite Mother Nature's brutal reminder that she's still 'the boss of me', it's a great Wednesday.

My Chris Nilan is in town and it's feeling like the Stanley Cup could be coming home. I am seriously content with the Habs this year. And, I totally enjoyed the F1 Race and Nascar races this past weekend.

Let me start by saying Great Job AussieGrit!!!! Wow. Mark stood third on the podium in China but I'm sure it felt like 1st. Simply an amazing race for him, starting 18th on the grid.

Of course bravo to Hamilton and Vettel who stood on steps 1 and 2. Overall, it was a fantastic race with exciting racing throughout the field and race. I can't help but chuckle at the image of Button pitting with RedBull... 'Twas a great Sunday morning of racing on television, enjoying an American breakfast, some Mocha Java while watching pretty boys screw up.

My life is sweet.

Talladega was fun Nascar racing too. Similar but not quite like the Daytona 2011. Partner-racing at it's best or at least as close to best as a certain someone would allow. I won't name any names(#48) but there was some part of me that thought Dale should be given the lead. Ooops! too late now, the checkered-flag!

I'm giving the moral-win to Dale Jr..

It's been great racing in so many series so far this year. Just a few quick shoutouts before I let you get back to your day,

- Way to go Go Canada Racing! Canadians rock!

- Follow the American Le Mans Series this year, it gets better all the time.

- Keep track of Kuno Wittmer for sure.

- And, follow the new Race Reports on Radio990Keep an ear open for JC Cote at 3.22pm today. If you're not near a radio, you can catch live on www.team990.com.

- Always, support your local tracks' racing... it really makes a difference.

As for any Jacques Villeneuve news... the calm before the microburst. Have a wonderful week jv-fans. Enjoy the Nascar Nationwide and Camping World Truck races in Nashville.


April 11, 2011

Back at work today and when I opened my office computer, thousands of e-mail awaited my immediate attention. That always makes me chuckle.

It was great to be away from the office a few days. Got some serious R & R and caught the great F1 Malaysian GP. At least I enjoyed it while the race was on. Finally, some serious attempts to overtake which I though were very entertaining. Finally!

That said, when I heard about Baby FA and Team voiced a complaint about Lewis Hamilton 'blocking' it totally ruined what I thought was great racing. On both their parts.

Man! Isn't that what we patrons want to see? If anything, I was even willing to forgive Alonso for mis-calculating how close he was to Lewis. Wow! with penalties will the good stuff disappear again?

I hope not, and I don't think so because there were several great moves from the start to finish. Vettel has another great win under his belt and Button, the Tire Master, took his rightful place on the second step of the Podium. Heidfeld just isn't my cup of Tea but Kudos to him as well. Good good stuff from Renault so far this year. And I love to see that Vitaly has some serious balls. Not to mention Kobayashi's great race.

Hamilton and Webber lost their chance on the Podium because of bad starts, bad strategy in the pits, and a new tire-reality that changes the game again this year. Despite all the bad luck, they kept it together in my non-humble opinion.

To any of you defending Baby Fa today, pffft! You deserve each other. I was hoping his racing yesterday was a sign of 'gumption' to come. Next time, suck it up and appreciate F1 isn't a parade anymore.

The Nascar racing was apparently entertaining as well. I missed it all and will catch up today.

Duty calls, coffee is on, and my dog Boo is laying under my desk. We're ready to conquer the WWW!

Hava a wicked day!


April 7, 2011

Did you miss me? :-)

It was a beautiful Thursday and I'm finally winding down with a glass of Merlot-Cabernet. I am officially on vacation. It's actually Quid Pro Quo which is really how our company rolls. Life is very sweet.

I wish Jacques Villeneuve starts rolling that way too. Literally.

Hats off to hard working Kimi Raikonnen who got himself a Nascar Truck Ride with the great KB's Racing Team. And, with only a few times around the Oval, he's hoping to get himself some Nationwide fun as well.

I'm feeling Nascar 2011 is the best Season yet. With Travis Pastrana, Lally, and even the wonderful Mr. Morgan Shepard who is still racing... with Jesus! lol

Seriously, aside from the D-word, Nascar is rocking it this year. All it needs now, is Ken Block.

And maybe an interest by Craig Pollock. He needs a new hobby now. It's been awhile since his beloved passed and hopefully, he'll catch the Nascar-train for some deserved joy and distraction(only in Lous-world but hey! thanks for letting me indulge).

The F1 Season has only just begun and they'll be racing in Sepang this weekend. I'm hoping for a few surprises. Without my Kubica, I'm praying for something that will rock my F1-World this year. My dreams of him wearing Famiglia Red next year are certainly faded but in the big scheme of things, I can only imagine what dreams He's lost, maybe forever.

But, those who know this humble unassuming hard-working talented Master, he WILL be back! Not since Senna have I ever whispered 'my new magician' but Kubica for me IS the best until the fat lady sings.

I guess I shouldn't have had a glass of wine while attempting to update Lous-Watercooler. Thanks for staying with me though!

Enjoy the racing this weekend JVistes!

May Jacques's Birthday wish-come-true, be a Nascar career. Time to put you money where your mouth is bossman.


St. Patrick's Day, March 17, 2011

Top of the morning to you and Happy St. Pat's. Green Beer for everyone! It's also Italy's B-Day... Buon compleanno!

When Ireland and Italy meet, you get something like Lous.March 17 is always a very special day for me. Very special. I wish you all a great day and perhaps some news very soon about JV's next endeavor.

There are whispers now about a few Nascar races and perhaps even the Indy 500 if he can land it after saying no just a few months ago. Money talks and like I've said many times, never tempt a desperate man(just kidding jv).

Timing is everything but then again, Mother Earth did stop time recently.

In the meantime, in Nascar, my Carl E. won in Vegas. Oh yes!Now the question is, who will win the race at Bristol Motor Speedway this weekend. This is a track all Nascar racers anticipate. The fastest and sexiest in short-track racing. Bump and grind at its finest lads and lasses.

May you all have a wonderfully Irish Day. And, if you're in Montreal this weekend, the St. Patrick's Day parade is on March 20, 2011. It starts on St. Catherine's at the corner of Fort.

And, there's also the Hudson parade on Main Road, between Cote. St. Charles and Cameron, March 19th. Our Grand Marshall this year is Larry Smith and with almost 55 Floats already signed-up this year, should be a grand St. Pat's parade.

Of course, today, in downtown Montreal, Verdun, and here in Hudson/St. Laz, there are many places to go green.

Special thoughts for my brother Joseph(aka Joey) and my boys Nic and Jesse.

Oh, Danny boy, the pipes, the pipes are calling

From glen to glen, and down the mountainside.

The summer's gone, and all the flow'rs are dying.

'Tis you, 'tis you must go and I must bide.

But come ye back when summer's in the meadow

Or when the valley's hushed and white with snow.

'Tis I'll be here, in sunshine or in shadow,

Oh, Danny boy, oh, Danny boy, I love you so.

And when ye come, and all the roses falling.

If I am dead, as dead I well may be,

Ye'll come and find the place where I am lying

And kneel and say an "ave" there for me.

And I shall hear, tho' soft you tread above me,

And, all my grave shall warmer, sweeter be,

For you will bend and tell me that you love me,

And I shall sleep in peace until you come to


Oh, Danny Boy, Oh, Danny Boy, I love you so.

Luck of the Irish to you! Now I'm off to Dublin in the Green where Irish Eyes are always smiling. And not to forget the Irish Drinking Song or The Pogues! lol

February 28, 2011

I'll start by saying a belated Congrats to Trevor Bayne on his Daytona 500 win. Who Da Thunk!

Kyle Busch had a great weekend winning in both the Truck and Nationwide races at the Phoenix International Raceway. But the weekend sweep would just not happen in beautiful Arizona.

A BIG Congratulations to Jeff Gordon who won the Sprint Cup race in Phoenix. He nudged Kyle aside to take the last laps and bring home a win after 66 races without. Will 2011 bring him #5?

It's only just begun and it really is anyone's game, why do I even mention "The Chase". ;-)

Tonight I'm doing Italy. è linda lucia pace.

See you in Las Vegas!

January 31, 2011

Wow! It's the last day of January 2011. I did not see it go by. I'm not complaining, I have the best job working for the best company there is. It's that time of year at work where we review achievements and plan for upcoming year. The Buzz word this year at the office is "Growth".

I wish that were true for Jacques Villeneuve's career in Nascar. It's not hard for many of us to think, someone is still living in a bubble. A happy one I'm sure but still a bubble.

May I burst it by saying, with the Rolex 24,the All-Star Showdown and legendary Daytona 500 on the horizon, JV has missed important opportunities. Luckily, the 2011 Nascar Season is coming back strong with a new influx of sponsors, exciting new talent, and a business machine that is going Global-Social bigtime this year.

The only news about Jacques Villeneuve these days, is the same old stuff, same old answers. Slowly but surely making a name for himself as a semi-retired pro-racer. Off the Nascar radar as others find rides, sponsors, and the opportunity to be part of the very best auto-racing on the planet. Yes, Nascar rocks and remains #1.

Back to the Rolex 24's Grand-Am roadracing... Congrats to Chip Ganassi Racing and all the Team. Talk about a grand-slam of racing. They finished 1 and 2 this year. With the Daytona 500, Indy 500, Brickyard 400 in 3010 and now the Rolex 24 - now that's a grand-slam!

I am a happy happy camper anytime Juan Pablo Montoya has a great race. Him and his team mates Dario Franchitti and Jamie McMurray finished 2nd.

Kudos to BMW/Riley that has finished first or second in the Rolex 24 for the last 5 years.

Maybe next year, Jacques Villeneuve will really be back on track... back here in North America. Until then we'll probably see him in a couple of Nationwide Road races if we're lucky. In the meantime, there's alot to enjoy here at home.

Always, support Regional racing. It's important.

And, be sure to visit Nascar's Superstore. The Daytona 500 2011 stock is in! Nascar gear is fashionable and T-shirts are the trend this year. Nascar is not just for 'Bubba' anymore.
Shop the NASCAR Superstore! The Official Online Store of NASCAR.

Have a good one JVistes, the best has not happened yet so it can only be up from here. :-)

January 20, 2011

Just a quick mention about jv-world forum being 'down'...

Hopefully JV will take care of his jv-world business soon but in the meantime, JV fans are always welcome to post/chat at the JVistes.net forum.

JPL will update the crew if there's any news.

And, be sure to join our JVCanada Nascar Fantasy Yahoo Group. It's a fun way to follow and learn about Nascar.
JVistes.net forum

January 12, 2011

Nascar fans have probably already read the news about Mark Martin in Turner's #32 for 4 races in the Nationwide Series. Lucky them!. Would have been perfect races for Jacques Villeneuve. Oh well, let's see what the future holds.

I've been a good girl and usually, when I have nothing good to say...

But today, I just can't help myself. :-)

Jacques Villeneuve, what they hell is up? Don't say you're working hard at finding a Nascar ride while you take the iceracing gig so seriously. Come on, it ain't a crown you want and personally, it's bored me silly. But hey, who am I to judge?

And Congrats to Syl aka Devain, jv-world's new franco-mod. Long life to the official jacques villeneuve fans' forum! Hopefully, the weasels won't come crawling back.

I get paid to do this. Life is sweet. :-)

A HUGE Merci! to JPL who over the past decade(since the dusk of Koji time ;-)), has kept the jv-franco-flame alive. He is a true Champ.

His only mistake, was bending backwards over the years for the 3 stooges. But those days are over and may new fans bring new life to good 'ole jv-world.

Have a good one JVistes, I'm still hoping the best has yet to come for JV.

January 9, 2011, to early to be awake.

The first week of 2011 was a productive one for me. The new game/sim room is almost done. I've moved mountains at work. And, I'm catching up to some real racing news... Nascar & the Rolex 24 at Daytona. Good stuff.

While Jacques stays in his bubble, albeit having a fun time I'm sure racing with other unemployed and retired racers, let alone anyone who's interested in trying it out... the big Nascar machine 2011 has begun.

The Budweiser Shootout at Daytona Lineup has been announced and a great one it is including:

2010 Chase for the NASCAR Sprint Cup DriversJimmie Johnson

Denny Hamlin

Kevin Harvick

Carl Edwards

Matt Kenseth

Greg Biffle

Tony Stewart

Kyle Busch

Jeff Gordon

Clint Bowyer

Kurt Busch

Jeff Burton

Others (criteria in parentheses)

John Andretti (Coke Zero 400)

Geoff Bodine (Daytona 500, Budweiser Shootout)

Kevin Conway (Series rookie of the year)

Derrike Cope (Daytona 500)

Dale Earnhardt Jr. (Daytona 500, Coke Zero 400, Budweiser Shootout)

Bill Elliott (Series champion, Daytona 500, Coke Zero 400, Budweiser Shootout)

Kasey Kahne (Series rookie of the year)

Bobby Labonte (Series champion)

Terry Labonte (Series champion, Budweiser Shootout)

Joey Logano (Series rookie of the year)

Sterling Marlin (Daytona 500, Coke Zero 400)

Mark Martin (Budweiser Shootout)

Jamie McMurray (Daytona 500, Coke Zero 400, Series rookie of the year)

Juan Pablo Montoya (Series rookie of the year)

Ryan Newman (Daytona 500, Series rookie of the year)

Ken Schrader (Budweiser Shootout)

Regan Smith (Series rookie of the year)

Michael Waltrip (Daytona 500, Coke Zero 400)

In the Opening of Testing of the Rolex 24 on Friday...

DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. - (Jan. 7, 2011) - Picking up where he left off last year, Scott Pruett ran the fastest laps Friday at Daytona International Speedway to lead the opening day of the "Roar Before the Rolex 24" in the car that dominated last year's Daytona Prototype championship.

The three-day session is giving competitors in the GRAND-AM Rolex Sports Car Series presented by Crown Royal Cask No. 16 an opportunity to prepare for the 49th runnning of the Rolex 24 At Daytona, set for Jan. 29-30.

"The Rolex 24 is our Super Bowl," Pruett said.

"A lot of energy goes into this event. It's monumental."

Pruett and co-driver Memo Rojas -- they pilot the No. 01 TELMEX/Target BMW/Riley, for Chip Ganassi Racing with Felix Sabates -- won nine of 12 races en route to the 2010 DP title. Ganassi's organization won the Rolex 24 three times from 2006-08, and finished second the past two years. Joey Hand tested with the team for the first time on Friday, and will be joined by second-generation IndyCar star Graham Rahal on Saturday.

Spencer Pumpelly was fastest in GT testing with an afternoon lap of 1:50.170 (116.329 mph) in the No. 67 Sargent & Lundy Porsche 911 GT3 Cup co-driven by Andy Lally, Steven Bertheau, Wolf Henzler and Brendan Gaughan. That lap was quickest than Bill Auberlen's time of 1:50.377 that led the morning session in the No. 94 Turner Motorsport BMW M3 co-driven by Boris Said, Paul Dalla Lana and Matt Plumb.

The test was the first official GRAND-AM event on the repaved speedway section of the 3.56-mile road circuit.

"The paving is phenomenal," said Ozz Negri, who shares the No. 60 Crown Royal XR Ford/Riley with John Pew, Marc Goossens and Michael Valiante. "It's smooth as can be. It is a real joy going through the oval without the car going up and down. The transitions are very smooth, and I like the chicane better. I wouldn't do a single thing differently."

Saturday's testing begins at 9 a.m., and concludes with a 6:30-8 p.m. night session. Sunday activities run from 9 a.m.-3:30 p.m. All-access tickets are $15 both days - free to Rolex 24 ticket holders - with admission located at either of the speedway tunnels.

NOTES: A.J. Allmendinger, Michael McDowell and Justin Wilson were introduced as drivers of the No. 6 Curb Records Ford/Dallara, part of a three-car effort by Michael Shank Racing. ... John Edwards and Adam Christodoulou, who co-drove for SpeedSource in 2009, will join Sylvain Tremblay and Jonathan Bomarito in the No. 70 Mazdaspeed Mazda RX-8, looking to give the team its third Rolex 24 GT victory in four years. ... NASCAR Nationwide Series driver Colin Braun was added to the Starworks Motorsport lineup on the team's No. 8 Corsa Car Care Ford/Riley, joining defending Rolex 24 winner Ryan Dalziel, Mike Forest and Tomas Enge. Dalziel was second-fastest in Friday afternoon testing. ... Scott Maxwell led both Continental Tire Sports Car Challenge sessions in the Multimatic Motorsports Ford Mustang Boss 302R. The Camaro of John Edwards and Matt Bell was second in the morning in the Stevenson Automotive Group Chevrolet Camaro, while Billy Johnson and Jack Roush Jr. were second in the afternoon in the Roush Performance Ford Mustang.

Of the current Nascar drivers participating in this year's Rolex 24, Sprint Cup Jimmie Johnson seems like the hungriest for a Daytona Rolex crown. Go Jimmie Go!

Finally, some real racing to watch again. Although iceracing is fun to do I'm sure, there's nothing in it for me. :-)

So close yet so far from the road to a quadruple crown. The best has yet to come if you want it bad enough.

Special shoutout to JPL, a real Champ... You're a better man than I...

I'm making the 3 stooges the subject of my next ebook "Men over 45 and their conversations online" an analysis of men who feel unimportant in today's real world.

Have a great day JVistes!

December 31, 2010

It's New Year's Eve and it's time to shutdown my computer soon. The Holiday Season has been great... one of the best I've had in years.

My plan is to savour every last moment of 2010, like it's the finest wine there is. And, then, I'll be ringing in the brand spanking new 2011, with my new older man.

I am a very lucky woman and I can honestly say, I have the greatest love of all... he knows who he is. :-)

Our company did well considering the economy. Our Team is the best and to each of you and yours, around the WWW, only the very best in 2011.

Build it and they will come...

May Jacques Villeneuve, and every one of his fans, have health, love, and happiness in the New Year. May family feuds die young and may the future find you all together again. Your visits here are always appreciated.

The same to the boyz of racing, online and off. You make my life sweeter than it already is.

To David, thanks for being a good friend. Priceless.

Nico and Jesse, I love you both so much. Only good stuff for my guys this upcoming New Year.

Lastly, to all my extended family and friends... Happy 2011! I can't ever thank you enough for all the joy you give to little 'ole me.

Beautiful Shining Peace, that's my name...

Thank God It's Friday, November 19, 2010

The Sun is out and I am up later than usual. I'm hoping to clear off my desk and start some serious Christmas preparations. This year, I have a plan(I say that every year ;-)).

TG for distractions!

It keeps my mind off the fact that I'll be months without my F1 fix and after this weekend, weeks before I get to watch some sexy Nascar bumping and grinding again.The best has yet to come and I'll be there... Just let me know ahead of time JV, bookings to Daytona are always a hassle! :-)

Jacques is in town, or at least he was up until Wednesday. He was seen at the gym. Nice to know he's keeping his racing form. Or at least, keeping busy...

The Nascar races are at the Homestead in Miami and that's only a very short plane ride away. It would be important for him to be 'seen' at the last race of the year. And, watch his good 'ole pal JPM take the last checkered flag of the Season.

Of course, the big show is the Sprint Cup Championship 2010. Hamlin, Johnson and Harvick are fighting for the title. If we keep in mind Vettel winning the F1 World Championship when no one saw him coming except himself, Harvick may very well take the Cup this year.

Oh my, oh my, what is a girl to do without a race to watch. I really should find myself a date for the Gilles Villeneuve Museum's Benefit next week. Who knows, could be some news there to keep me happy until next year. (Jeep! where are you when I need you! lol)

But like I said, in the meantime, I have plenty of Christmas cheer to get done and launch time is fast approaching.

My Nascar Fantasy picks are in and I'm ready for Miami. Go JPM Go!

Best of luck boyz! Give me the best show of the year!

And, best of luck to Patrick Carpentier who knows the get-a-ride-shuffle and deserves to be there. Maybe Pat, Tony, Kannan, and Piquet can teach Chuckie a few steps.

The F1 guyz were busy testing tires and really haven't had a chance to unwind yet. The new World Champ, Vettel, is still on cloud nine and seems happy to chat with the media. Apparently, he sees himself driving for Ferrari or Mercedes eventually... Ha! How soon they forget.

Go Red Bull!

As for Baby FA, well, he's not saying much. He has a feather stuck in his throat from eating crow.

Can't wait for next year. For now, back to my plan at hand:
- get tree, wreaths, and new lights
- get new shoes, delicates, and nailpolish to match
- plan menu and start cooking
- get a new doo and colour
-buy gifts they don't have
-get out my Patty Page and Peggy Lee Xmasmusic
-finish my 2010 Must-Do List before 2011
- headstart my 2011 Will-Do List
etc., etc., etc...

'Tis the Season to be Merry if you can't be Lous.

November 15, 2010
Bonne Fete Nico! xo

I'm sipping my VanHoutte and planning a special dinner for Nico's b-day. A wonderful day it will be.

Congrats to Sebastian Vettel and of course Red Bull. He wasn't my driver of choice up until yesterday but he certainly deserves the F1 2010 Drivers' Championship. Fair and square, he proved me wrong.

Special thanks to Team Renault. ;-)

Mark didn't make the celebrations last night and his Dad did share that it was a tough loss for sure. So close yet so far.

And Alonso, oh my Baby FA... Karma is a bitch but she is oh so sweet!

I wasn't surprised with Mark's non-performance and even less surprised that Alonso didn't at least try to take his place throughout the race.

The best man won and he reminded me of the markings of a true F1 Champ. Go Vettel Go!

In Phoenix, my boy Carl Edwards took both the Nationwide and Sprint Cup races. He dominated both Series' racing this weekend from start to finish.

The Sprint Cup Championship will be decided in Miami. As with F1, fans are getting their money's worth this year. Good stuff.

Hamlin leads Jimmie by 15 and Harvick by 46. So close, so close.


It is quiet on the Jacques Villeneuve front. I'm sure the weekend was spent celebrating Jules B-Day. Did Daddy get him his own sim-racing system? Never too early to start. :-)

I haven't decided yet if I'll be going to the Annual Gilles Villeneuve Museum 2010 Benefit next week. I was hoping for a date for the evening - I guess we'll see. Although JV has not confirmed he'll be there too, I'm guessing he will be if he's in town. Fingers-crossed for some news soon.

For JV fans - Rene Fagnan over at Auto123.com has a great new contest with 2 great prizes. A signed pic of Jacques driving the No 32 Braun in the Nascar Nationwide Series.

The other, a nice coffee-table book, "The Art of the Formula 1 Race Car" by Stuart Codling and the incredible photos of James Mann.

Full details at,
Auto123.com Win a Signed Photo of Jacques Villeneuve

Have a good one JVistes!


November 11, 2010

A beautiful Sunny day it will be on this Memorial Day.

The F1 one boyz are in Abu Dhabi, getting ready to race for the last time this season. And, what a year it turned out to be.

Mark Webber was so close but bad luck and frustration knocked him off the pedestal, at least for the time being. I would love to see Mark Webber win the Drivers' Championship. His hard work and consistency deserve the prize this year.

Red Bull's bad luck in Korea, turned to good luck in Brazil. But, the bad luck lingers and it truly was lucky for Alonso who has the lead with 8 points going into this last race of the Season.

Get your game on Mark, Fernando can almost taste it.

Vettel and Hamilton are 3rd and 4th respectively. Logistically, it would take a miracle for either to win the Championship this year. That said, it is F1 and anything is possible I guess.

In Nascar, they'll be racing in Phoenix. In the Sprint Cup Series, only 2 races to go. Hamlin leads for now, by a slight margin. Can Jimmie J do it again this year?

The Crew Team switch between him and Jeff Gordon, may very well be the wrench in the engine. I hope not. Jimmie being the man to beat is always a great show and always good for Nascar.

He's still only 33 points behind Hamlin with Harvick following him a close third.

Looks like the Sprint Cup Series will be decided in Miami, the last race of the Season unless there's a big upset this weekend.


Today I Remember...

My brother Joey, how wonderful life was, with you in the world. I've been missing you forever.

On the 11th day of the 11th month at the 11th hour...

We Remember...

In Flanders Fields

By: Lieutenant Colonel John McCrae, MD (1872-1918)

Canadian Army

In Flanders Fields the poppies blow
Between the crosses row on row,
That mark our place; and in the sky
The larks, still bravely singing, fly
Scarce heard amid the guns below.

We are the Dead. Short days ago
We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow,
Loved and were loved, and now we lie
In Flanders fields.

Take up our quarrel with the foe:
To you from failing hands we throw
The torch; be yours to hold it high.
If ye break faith with us who die
We shall not sleep, though poppies grow
In Flanders fields.


A very Happy Birthday Mary! And Congrats... 1 year ago today ...

Had a wonderful time last night. See you at Gordon's new place soon. Life is a celebration and I have the best friends a gal could have.

Thank you David.

Lastly, a Special Shout Out to Jacques Villeneuve. It's official, he's now a member of the Canada Sports Hall of Fame. To him and all the other exceptional Canadians, Congrats!

November 9, 2010What a day and it's only 9:45AM!

I've been crazy busy and today's IP migration for my day job put our cyber-world into chaos. But, I work with the best team on the WWW and know that chaos leads to perfection. All's well that ends well.

So, I'm sipping some coffee and catching up to my racing news and non-news.

Still no news about Jacques Villeneuve and a Nascar future. With only 2 races left, and him not being on the Phoenix Entry list, I am disappointed.

I was so hoping to see him race in Nascar before the Season ends. If he's simply too busy focusing on a fulltime ride, I'll accept that we won't be seeing him in Phoenix this year. That said, Miami would be a blast!

There's a virus going around now, maybe Sorenson will need a replacement. ;-)

Jacques will be flying to Calgary for the Canada Sport's Hall of Fame event tomorrow. Again, Congrats to Jacques Villeneuve!

Home is where the recognition is...

And a HUGE Congrats! to the newest and first Canadian World Series of Poker Champion, Jonathan Duhamel. At only 23 he won the final last night taking home the Champion's Bracelet and lots of cash. I am impressed with this guy. An absolute breath of fresh air in a world of ripe and seasoned elite players. Very refreshing and yes, another Canadian better than anyone else in the World! We are so proud.

In Nascar racing this past weekend in Texas, Brad Keselowski solidifies his Nascar Nationwide Series Championship win.

And, Kyle who we all love love love to hate, is on the cusp of winning the Camping World Truck Series' Owners' Title with his 7th victory this year. He'll be around for a long time. The more I think about it, the more I would love to see Kyle partner with Jacques V and expand his Ownership to the Nationwide and Sprint Cup Series racing.

In the Sprint Cup AAA Texas 500, Hamlin took the checkered-flag and now leads in the 2010 Chase.

Jimmie is very close behind with only 33 points difference. Harvick is sitting 3rd, with 59 points behind Hamlin.

The Sprint Cup Championship will go down to the wire and Phoenix and Miami will be quite a show.

The F1 Brazilian GP was not the show I had hoped for. Congrats to Red Bull for winning the Constructors' 2010 Championship. They deserved it.

Vettel won with Webber a close second. Alonso crossed the line 3rd. I'm still hoping Mark has luck on his side in Abu Dhabi and clinches the Drivers' Championship.

Although I am not a Vettel nor Alonso fan per-say, they are certainly in it to win it. Fernando remains the man to beat.

When the Formula One Season began with it's new point system, I thought the Champ would be crowned much sooner. I was obviously wrong. This year, F1 fans are getting their money's worth so to speak. Good good stuff.

Go AussieGrit!

And Go jv-world forum members... glad to see you're back online.

Well, my other duty calls. Thanks for the coffee break and have a great day!


November 3, 2010

A BIG congrats to Jacques Villeneuve who will be inducted into Canda's Hall of Fame, November 10th in Calgary

Like Father, Like Son.

As a Canadian, I am very very proud. Thank You Villeneuves!

Happy Happy Hump Day!

A cool crisp Wednesday here, catching up to some F1 news...

Both Alonso and Webber have arrived in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Apparently, both looked very calm at the airport.

With Mark, you never really know unless he speaks, if he's feeling the pressure or not. Soon after the fiasco in Korea, Webber let his fans know he was ready to rebound at Interlagos. He better!

And Baby FA, what can I say... I'm still in shock over his Korean win. He probably is too. ;-)

Both he and Mark were very vocal about starting the race in Korea. But, despite the downpour, cool temps, and no visibility, the race did run its course as planned.

Wrongfully so, in my not-so-humble opinion.

MW's head was in a bad place for sure as they started on caution. Alonso was hanging on for dear life while voicing his own concerns about the race not being postponed. Only luck would have him win.

And a lucky boy he was in Korea.

At Sao Paulo's Interlagos circuit, let's hope it's all about being the best on the track.

Massa and Senna will have a grand time. They are the local heros and it would be great to see them do well at home. But, they aren't the ones to beat... Still, best of luck to Felipe, may he have a podium finish, one step down from Mark. :-)

The Practices should be good but the Qualifications will be a big show in Brazil. Keep in mind, it's far from over. Logistically, and with alot of luck, any of the Top 5 drivers in the Standings can take the Championship by the time it's all over in Abu Dhabi.


The Nascar boys are in Texas this week. The Sprint Cup Championship is really close with only 3 races left. Jimmie Johnson leads but Hamlin and Harvick still have a chance at winning the title this year.

Best of luck to our hometown boy Patrick Carpentier who'll be doing his best in the Sprint Cup race driving the Air National Guard #26. Go Pat Go!

In the Nascar Nationwide race in Texas, there are 51 entries. Wow! A long list of go-homers this year. The 'D' is back in town but we don't like talking about it. lol

Let's not forget the Camping World Truck Series... Good luck Mario Gosselin!


JVistes around the globe are now anxious to hear some Jacques Villeneuve Nascar news. There will be news soon, and hopefully it will be the start of something big.

Everyone is still scrambling to get the jv-world forum back online asap. The regulars who feed the jv-fire, have settled into a temporary sandbox at JVistes' Jacques Villeneuve Forum, jvistes.informe.com.

The 3 stooges have their very own hospice and they welcome other middle-age-crisis/peri-andropaused fans to join them there. hi hi hi

Jacques definitely needs to take better care of his online business and fans, or at the very least, pretend to care. ;-)

He needs a new Mr. Jones if you ask me.

Or, Craig! Isn't it time you got back to work? You were a big piece of the success puzzle and personally, I really miss you.

And, on that note, have a good one JVistes! Keep the dream alive!

Special shout out to Kat Legge, love your new Audi. You go girl!

November 1, 2010

There's still a bit of snow on the ground and it's very cold but that didn't stop the ghosts, ghoblins, and posse from trick or treating last night. It was a great turnout despite the weather.

Down in Talladega, the weather was perfect for Superspeedway racing and what a race it was. It was down to the wire and on the last lap, Bowyer took the win from Harvick. Juan Pablo finished third. A great race for sure.

The Camping World Truck race on Saturday was won by Kyle edging out Almirola. The Truck series doesn't get any better than that. Another picture finish.

Our very own Mario Gosselin was out early in the Talladega with engine problems. Oh well...

And our very own JV is back to work focusing on a Nascar future. May the Phoenix rise again.

There are 3 more races left this Season and the best has yet to be crowned in the Sprint Cup series. Only 38 points separate the Top 3. It's down to the wire as they head to Texas.

In the F1 World, they'll be heading to beautiful Sao Paulo Brazil. With only 2 races left in 2010, it should be a good show. May Mark Webber really rebound and take back the Championship lead. Mostly, may Baby FA do poorly. lol



Kudos to the jv-world crew that have found their way to a temporary home/forum. Jacques Villeneuve has the most loyal lifetime fans. They are in it for the long run in Nascar. Go JV Go! Or should I say, Home Daddy Home!

JV-World's forum temporary home... Join Us!

Have a great day JVistes and be sure to continue voting for your favorite Nationwide driver. Nascar notices.

October 29, 2010 TGIF!

It's a grey morning and it feels like rain is on the way. I'll take a nice weekend instead any day. Rainy Fridays can be sweet.

And how sweet is it to read that Jacques Villeneuve really is focusing on Nascar. That is great news. May we see him racing Nascar again soon.

Until then, enjoy the Sprint Cup race at Talladega this weekend. It's down to the wire and the Top Chasers know exactly where they need to finish. Will Jimmie take the Championship again this year? Can Hamelin finally hold the Season's Cup?

What about Kyle? Will he give us a great show?

I sure hope so. I'm in need of some rowdiness this weekend.

Almost Halloween JVistes. May JV treat us to some news about a future in Nascar soon.

Have a good one!


October 28, 2010

Here she goes, here she goes.

Hell has no fury...

A cloud-covered sky at this end with a strong southern wind. A great day to air dirty laundry for sure.

But first,

To Mary: Woohoo! You are now officially a cancer survivor. I am sooooooo proud to know and love you. What a fighter!

You and Mohammed Ali girl! xo

To Jean: Woohoo to you too! A few more weeks and we'll be celebrating another win as well.

I just can't say enough about my incredible friends. I am one lucky gal!

Speaking of long-lasting friendships - What is with the jvistes?!? All I can say is, when jv-world is back up and running, may those that jumped the boat, sink while sipping crow-tea.. Let sleeping loungers lay.

Okay, let me take that knife out of your back capitain.

Seriously, you don't need a new public forum to chat. There's MySpace, Facebook, and even simple e-mail correspondance. Divided they fall.

In the meantime, I will always feel some warmth and fuzziness to the jv-world anglo crew... I welcome you to find a temporary-stop at jvistes.net.

Enough said for today.

Live, love, and learn(and always wear stilettos while doing it)

So, on this wonderful Thursday, we're only hours away from really knowing if JV takes the Aussie Ford Team up on their offer.

Or, is he really serious about Nascar and can he bring the big bucks there?

I'm outta here!

Still October 27, 2010

SpeedCafe down under, tweets there will be BIG news announced at 4AM about the V8 Supercar Series 2011. A few followers seem to think it's THE announcement that Jacques Villeneuve has accepted Ford's offer, the sun, the moon, and the stars...

Personally, I hope not. So - I'm keeping my fingers-crossed that is NOT the big news down under.

Oh well... like I always say, never tempt a desperate man. ;-)

Happy Hump Day JVistes!

It's a glorious Indian Summer day here and I'm on my second cup of coffee. I woke up much later than usual and am playing catch up now.

I went to our Dawson class last night in Montreal to meet and greet the next generation of online business owners. Always exciting to see new field of dreams coming to fruition.

Speaking of... the Jacques Villeneuve field of dreams, the forum, is temporarily unavailable. But, not to worry dreamers! The jv-world forum will be back soon.

In the meantime, you can play in our humble sandbox,
The JVistes Forum

October 26, 2010

Halloween is almost here. I just can't wait!

Congrats to Brad Keselowski who became the 2010 Nascar Nationwide Champion this past weekend at the Gateway.The Sprint Cup race in Martinsville was great. Hometown boy Hamelin took the checkered flag with Mark Martin close behind.

The Chase right now has Jimmie Johnson in the Lead followed closely by Hamelin and Harvick.

Talladega will be a must see race for sure. Go Jimmie - again. :-)

Too bad JV has been busy down under. It would have been fantastic to see him race this year on one of the best Superspeedways. Oh well...

Villeneuve and Dumbrell finished 5th in their Ford Falcon FG. It seems the Internationals really had a great time on the Gold Coast. And, the regular series' drivers, well, not sure what they really think about including them in such an important race of the Season. Oh well...

Speaking of late in the Season - What happened in the Korean GP on Sunday?? The qualifications, especially Q3, were great. Red Bull were fabulous with Webber and Vettel stealing the first line on the starting-grid away from Alonso.

But, Baby FA got the last laugh and I stopped watching when Mark hit the wall and then took Rosberg out. There went my points in the F1 challenge I play. And, I thought for sure Webber would pad on the points for the Championship.

Vettel, well, oh well...

But special mention for Schumi who had his best race. He was obviously practicing his upcoming overtaking in the rain at the start of the race, on yellow. The others were too focused on the weather and it was apparent that Webber and anyone in the Top 5 Season standings didn't want the race to start just yet. Again, oh well, Mark tweets he'll be rebounding back at the Brasilian GP. Just 2 more to go!

I have a big day at the office and then I'm off to Dawson College tonight to meet student-sbiers from the Fall 2010 class. God help them. lol

Have a terrific Tuesday JVistes!

October 22, 2010

It's a crisp Friday morning and I'm sipping my VanHoutte while I catch up to F1 News in Korea and wishing I was there.

My girlfriend just got back from a couple of months out and about in Vietnam, old Cambodia, and South Korea. I don't know many people who travel as much as she does and she says it's a must visit.

To read the Media covering this new GP, you would think they were in North Korea. Complaining about the airport, the transportation, and of course the food. I say, next year, invite me and people who can appreciate something new and wonderfully different.

Enough said about that.

My 3 favorite drivers all had a great Practice 1 and 2. Webber, Lewis, and Kubica - best of luck!

Alonso's pick is Lewis, saying McLaren is the Team to beat in Korea. Ha! Baby Fa must be missing home. It's not often he doesn't make himself the center of attention. He's nervous about his own race for sure. Covering his bad performance before it happens.

Shoot, he's having engine problems. :-))

Oh boy, here she goes here she goes!


Everyone is having fun at the V8 Gold Coast 600 event in Australia. Jacques Villeneuve and his partner Dumbrell just finished a great run and fingers-crossed, they'll be as competitive all weekend.

JV is busy busy busy and seems right at home down under. At my end, I have candles lit at the Oratory for a sweet return to North American racing.


The Nascar Sprint Cup race in Martinsville may be one of the best of the 2010 Chase. It's now or never so to speak. May the best man win. Go Carl!

And the Nationwide race is at the Gateway without Kyle Busch but the 'D' is back giving it another go 'round.

Enough said about that!


It's that time of year again JVistes... The Anuual Gilles Villeneuve Museum 2010 Benefit. This year, we're invited to the TOHU in Montreal in November.

Life's a circus and Gilles certainly was a Master racing the fine line.

Give generously to a place that honors our greatest treasure.


It will be a busy day in Korea, on the Gold Coast, and in good 'ole USofA.

And here at my place, I'll be making some Lous' Sassy Chile. I've got my filet and prime rib finely chopped. My chipotle's are soft and ready. And my kidney beans rinsed and strained. Ain't no stopping me now.

Have a good one JVistes. The Best has yet to come.


October 20, 2010

Good 'ole JV is down under getting ready for the V8 Supercars Gold Coast 600. Should be an interesting time.

In an interview published much earlier today, Jacques explains he's now focused on a future in Nascar racing but he is open to other opportunities in Australia.

In other words, he seems to be done with F1, at least for now.

IMHO... Finally! Or at least 'til they tempt him again.

My thought for today, NEVER tempt a desperate man, it may kill him.

Long live Agent Provocateur! ;-)

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