Welcome JVistes!

If you are a fan of Jacques Villeneuve, you're a JVistes.

Hello 2010! The best is yet to come JVistes!

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To all the JVistes around the WWW, it's 2010 and any day now, we'll have confirmation about Jacques Villeneuve's future in F1. And, if not, news he'll be racing a full Season in a Series somewhere.

For now, we're told to keep fingers crossed... I can't feel them anymore.

Last year gave us exciting Nascar and F1 racing, albeit without JV.

It was a year of big changes for Jacques, in his personal life. Never an easy thing even when it's the best thing to do. Hope you are having a wonderful time with the boys. Come home soon.

Very soon, there will be Jacques-talk like there never has been before.

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Stay tuned JVistes...

Acceuil Francais

This Web site is dedicated to 'everything' Jacques Villeneuve has ever raced in and much more. JVisme was born of GVisme. :-)

I'm a Darwinist so truly believe JVisme is still evolving, for many years to come. It's already taken F1 fans on a trip over the pond or a stint to our neighbors down south... to the love of Nascar and all its Series.

All the very best to Kuno and Nick this year.

If you're a fan or just interested in automobile racing, start your engines and enjoy the ride!

It was 33 years ago, 1977, that Gilles(father to Jacques) began his own F1 racing career. At the time, little Jacques could not have imagined the great things that were to come.

Now, all these years later, Jacques has placed himself among the best, alongside Gilles and so...

JVism(e) lives and we the JVistes are simply fans of all the best that has yet to come. We celebrate this second generation of the Villeneuves and by the looks of it, the next generation are certainly future prototypes of racing legends yet to be.

Enjoy your read. :-)

Gentlemen, start your engines! Go Jacques Villeneuve Go!