From BDR to GEM. From GEM to ???

April 11, 2009

Well, it's been awhile... I hope you are all doing well. :-)

A visitor contacted me about a broken link on this page. Thanks so much Lisa!

It served as a gentle reminder that I had not worked much on the site. My day-job keeps me busy but that's no excuse. I'm still working weekends catching up to all autoracing news. There is alot going on despite the silence of the JV crew.

Kuno and Nic Wittmer are back on track and joined by JF Dumoulin. Lombardi has a strong Team but what does that have to do with former Bill Davis Racing or current GEM team? Actually really no longer GEM but a Gillett/Petty Team bearing only the legends name? What will become of George G's interests in Nascar?

Big Mr. G is planning for his Estate. Hoping to win the triple-crown by selling his shares of The Glorious CH, the lively Liverpool soccer Team, and his shares of Nascar Team ownership. He's 70 years young but realizes it's time to take care of those that took care of him. :-)

Go George Go! Et merci de tout mon coeur. xo

Back to racing and back to updating this site. Thank you JVistes for keeping me on my toes. lol

The best is yet to come...

GEM approaches Bill Davis Racing for merge?

Sept. 20, 2008

The rumor that GEM wanted to purchase BDR started about a week ago.

Major Networks have now reported there have been discussions. It's not a secret... GEM wants a Toyota stable. :-)

Bill Davis is in a position where he has to listen now. Nascar won't step in to save the smaller teams, they have to find a way themselves. For over a year now, super-teams are the trend. It's what the Sponsors want and quite frankly need. They have big budgets for 2009, despite the economic times we're in. It's there to spend but Sponsors and their Marketing teams put the money where there is ROI.

I spent my clients' money for years and it was always about the biggest return on investment. And, I'm guessing Mr. France wants to keep all the Teams' Sponsors happy. He's running this big Nascar business machine like his father did and 60 years later, it's still the biggest autosport in North America.

Have faith JVistes, JV will get it right this time around... I noticed a sunburned neck. :-)

Bill Davis Racing - Nascar 2008

Bill Davis letting the cat out of the bag? :-)

Did Jacques' efforts in 2008 payoff?

Davis said Saturday that the car will have sponsorship next year but declined to reveal details.

Hmmmm... lol

July 9, 2008

From a sportsblog earlier today...

Bill Davis is testing the waters for a Big Name Sponsor/Team Principal to diversify his interests in the not so immediate future.

Hmmmm, not so immediate?? lol

No news is not good news in this case. Bill D has to make some hard decisions soon.

And, will we be seeing Arnett or JV if things move forward in the 'not so immediate future' for BDR? :-)


June 27, 2008

BDR has had a rough season so far but don't count them out for next year...

Bill Davis says they are determined to run a second car in 2009 and Jacques Villeneuve possibly the driver.

Down but not out. :-)

So many teams and so many rumors. This upcoming week or so will be filled with Nascar news. Let's hope to hear Jacques confirm he'll race in this summer's Montreal Nationwide race and possibly confirmation of a full season in Nascar next year.


March 10 3PM,

Well, BDR has announced they are sidelining the #27. For full article, please click on link below,

Ouch! That really hurts. I was so hoping things would work out sooner than later. All this means is that for the near future, there are no $$$ for the #27.

That is until Jacques Villeneuve/Barry G can save the season. That is what everyone is hoping for. Or, if not, they are still very determined to be ready for a full Sprint season in 09. I'm still hoping to see him in at least the Nationwide race in Montreal and a few Sprint races in 08.

God knows, there may be a seat or 2 available soon. :-)

In the meantime, if BDR merges with another Team(Petty for instance), things can change in an instant. Nascar is very involved in sponsor selections and merges and they do want to help in saving the smaller teams.

Let's dream big...

Red Bull, GEM or BDR? It ain't over until the fat lady sings or posts her favorite song. :-)


March 10 AM,Expect some news out of BDR camp within the next week or so...

BDR will be parking the #27 until further notice. There is alot going on with this team. Several rumors surfaced this weekend in Altanta.

A merge? Team buyout? Who knows but Nascar and Mr. France are watching this closely too. Hmmmm, is he a Villeneuve fan too? :-)

Great article today via link below,

BDR puts #27 car on sideline for now...

Some news is better now than no news

March 3, 2008

Let's all have a BIG Toyota group hug. :-)

BDR is putting Benson in this week's Altanta Sprint Cup race. Originally Skinner was listed as #27's driver however, with Red Bull needing a replacement for Allmendinger, plans changed.

Skinner will be driving Red Bull's #84 on Sunday. Benson will be driving the #27. Wow! I'm impressed with the Toyota Nascar Teams helping each other out.

I would have preferred Mike remains the replacement for the BDR #27 but Benson should do a good job qualifying this week. And, if he finishes the race, it's more needed points for the #27.

This IS good news for Jacques. Toyota and its Nascar Teams care bigtime and they would NOT let a great racer leave the fold I'm sure.

February 26, 2008.

I've always loved North Carolina. My best vacation was spent in a house with 7 friends on Cape Hatteras many years ago. The water is warm and the locals are great... Just got off the phone with someone in Raleigh which inspired me to update this page. lol

NC is home to BDR headquarters. :-)

Still no news from Bill Davis camp. We don't know the future of the #27 or if Jacques Villeneuve is still officially with BDR. I've e-mailed BDR and if there's any news to give, I'll keep you posted.

They say no news is good news and in this case I agree. No news probably means Bill Davis is as stuck as Jacques is. Good or bad, discussions are still ongoing.

Please Mr. Bill, tell us what the future holds for the beautiful #27.


Feb. 17, 2008

BDR has announced Skinner and Benson will fill in for JV in the #27(another-car-that-jacques-built story lol) until further notice.

Something to digest but I'm keeping the faith and, Jacques, keep your head up.

Finally! Bill Davis Racing's site has been updated. There wasn't much happening there since Fall 2007.

The new L & F is great. And of course, the beeeeeuuuuuteeeeeful #27 is there for all to see. It's worth a visit via link below.

Preseason BDR Thunder 2008

BDR is very happy with preseason testing and the results/data they have to work with.

I'm sure Jacques Villeneuve's imput is very important and very eager to help the Team out in this area. Not very many drivers can 'feel' a car the way JV can.

Who needs tech data when you have Jacques on board!(although JV is a computer geek too, believe me... lol)

Time for California tomorrow and Friday(Jan. 31 - Feb. 1)and then everyone goes back to BDR headquarters in High Point, NC.

Preseason testing article at BDR's site

Great Jacques Villeneuve bio page at BDR site,

BDR files for bankruptcy protection... Would make a buy-out from JV affordable and possible.

It isn't great news for...

Bill Davis Racing files for bankruptcy protection. Quite sad that it has come to this for his Team.

However, this may be exactly what makes a buy-in or buy-out by Jacques Villeneuve even more plausible. Everything is coming to a head now and I'm confident someon will step in to help build BDR back up again.

Full article at via link below,

BDR bankruptcy protection

Jacques Villeneuve Buys-In or All of Bill Davis Racing has published news that Jacques Villeneuve has apparently completed a buy-in of Bill Davis' High Point-based Toyota operation, according to sources close to the team, and Villeneuve will have at least a majority interest in the operation, perhaps even full ownership. as well confirms Villeneuve buying BDR.

For full articles, use text links below:

Thanks and come back soon! If this rumor is now true and a done deal, there should be an official press release soon. Give Jacques time to get back to the office. lol

Kudos CP if you helped make this happen!

Yes Nascar JVR Baby!

Jacques Villeneuve buy-in BDR news also reports JV buys-into BDR.

Slugger will be new crew chief for BDR's #36

With Mayfield leaving and being replaced, BDR has decided Slugger Labbe will be running the #36 Team with new driver.

Slugger has spent the last few months working closely with Jacques Villeneuve. He is the best.

Slugger busy with #36 BDR Nascar